توصيل من الصين | مبرّد للسيارات والشاحنات رمز (A-319) بسعر 700 دولار للقطعة #نمضي_معكم_نحو_النجاح

**Title: Car and Truck Cooling Systems – A Complete Guide**


Are you looking for an efficient and portable cooling system for your car or truck? Look no further! In this comprehensive video, we introduce you to the A-319 cooling device for cars and trucks. Whether you’re on a road trip or camping, this device is perfect for keeping your vehicle cool and comfortable.

The A-319 is lightweight, runs on battery power, and comes with three hoses, making it versatile for various cooling needs. It operates on both 110V and 220V, as well as 24 volts, ensuring compatibility with various power sources. Whether you need it for your car, house, or even a battery-powered setup, this device has got you covered.

Join us as we demonstrate how to use the A-319 and explain its features in detail. From its compact design to its ability to deliver cold air efficiently, you’ll see why it’s a must-have accessory for any vehicle. We’ll also provide tips on installation and show you how to properly connect it to your car’s battery or other power sources.

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Don’t miss out on this amazing cooling device! Upgrade your car or truck’s cooling system and stay comfortable on every journey.

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شحن من الصين | تبريد للسيارات والشاحنات كود (A-319) سعر القطعة 700$ #وياكم_نكبر

(شحن من الصين ياسر بابا)

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Yiwu Yasa Trading Co. Ltd

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  2. الخطأ الاول جاي تشرح وجداحتك عطلانه وبفترض الشرح وتشغيل يكون ع جداحه سياره
    الخطأ الثاني سعره اكمل بعد كم ورقه وشتري سبارة كامله هيه وتبريدها 😂

  3. السلام عليكم استاذ ياسر التكيف النوع الثاني أبو 137دولارشكد يكلف إذا استلمه من محل عوده الدراجي

  4. ابروح ابوك اذا هيه الحراره ٥٥ بل عراق اوبل شمس ٦٠ التبريد ايكوم ايغني سبلت طن واحد حاط بل سياره او ياخذله ساعه يلله تبرد موجايبلي دكت واحد وتريده ايبرد

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