**Title: Glutinous Rice Balls in Nanning – The Favorite Snack of Hardworking Locals**


Welcome to my channel! In this video, we explore the bustling old city center of Nanning, where locals enjoy a popular delicacy – glutinous rice balls. Join me as we discover the vibrant street food scene, indulge in delicious snacks, and learn the fascinating story of a local sister who made a fortune selling glutinous rice to purchase multiple houses in Nanning.

Nanning’s old commercial street is a down-to-earth haven, teeming with stalls offering a variety of mouthwatering treats like rice rolls, hot and sour noodles, beef offal, and, of course, glutinous rice balls. We visit a renowned restaurant that has been serving these delectable snacks for over twenty years. The long queues outside are a testament to its popularity among locals and migrant workers alike.

As we savor the glutinous rice balls and explore this vibrant street, we witness the bustling atmosphere during the day and the even livelier night market scene. While the night market offers a different experience with its clothing stalls, the focus during the day remains on food.

We also take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Nanning’s Yongjiang River, surrounded by tall trees. The fallen leaves and blooming kapok flowers signal the arrival of autumn, and we learn about the unique characteristics of these trees in Nanning.

To cap off our adventure, we visit the recently opened Changyou Pavilion, which offers a panoramic view of Nanning. From here, we can see the Yongjiang River, the Yongjiang Bridge (the first bridge in Nanning), and the famous Zhongshan Night Market, currently undergoing renovations.

Join me on this immersive journey through the flavors and sights of Nanning, and discover why glutinous rice balls hold a special place in the hearts and stomachs of hardworking locals.


糯米飯糰飽腹感足,打工人的最愛!大姐靠賣糯米飯在南寧買了幾套房!#我是杰少 #南宁 #nanning #打工人 #糯米飯 #買房
Glutinous rice ball full feeling, workers favorite! Sister bought some houses in Nanning by selling glutinous rice!
Zii Ropa

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  1. 查一下資料才知道大陸已經沒有廣西省了 改成廣西藏族自治區南寧市就是首府人口8百多萬 南寧素有「中國綠城」的美譽 先後獲得「聯合國人居獎」「中國最佳休閒城市」等稱號難怪南寧綠化做的很好 台灣也很多飯糰大部份也是用糯米飯作的 傳統飯糰內餡幾乎就是大家所講的 肉酥(肉鬆).蘿蔔乾.酸菜.魯蛋 改良版的就很多種口味了 豬排.雞排.叉燒…..等很多

  2. 台灣也有那種靠賣油飯賣到公司股票可以上市上櫃,也有那種光賣臭豆腐賣到買了幾棟房的,二十幾年前還是開著小貨車在路邊擺攤的,後來買了店鋪開店,現在招募員工起薪都三萬台幣起跳了。

  3. 那飯糰口味真的好特別!加綠豆餡😋,很搭吧!可以參考看看這種作法👍。邕江可以釣魚🎣⋯⋯旁邊還可以自由飲食😀,好舒服的感覺~看👀起來也滿乾淨的。而且江水滿到腳邊了,杰少跟表弟很喜歡💕這裡的天然環境氛圍是有道理的,空閒時間來走走,可紓解很多,心情自然好~🌳🪴🌺

  4. 杰少,現在很多縣市,會把電動車還是摩托車,無緣無故拖走,很多縣市的罰單也增加非常多,目的都是為了要罰人錢,我不是烏鴉嘴,真的要多注意一點喔!

  5. 谢谢杰少和表弟通过影片介绍南宁的方方面面,因为疫情我有好几年没回去了,看着这些街道感觉好熟悉❤ 等夏天了可以去西大拍拍荷塘哦

  6. 等大陸開放自由旅行歡迎傑少跟帥表弟來台灣品嚐道地台式飯糰保證你們會愛上!比較看看大陸的口味跟台灣本島口味差異在哪’’

  7. 高雄還是有店家用木桶做古早味飯糰,用木桶真的比較香,基本配料就酸菜、蘿蔔乾、油條、滷蛋、還有特製招牌醬以及魚酥或肉鬆。以前吃過30、35的,現在都要40起跳了,但我吃的這家很大顆,招牌原味只要40,早餐吃不完還可以當中餐或下一餐XD

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