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**Title: 가성비 짱! 대연동 부산 원룸 | 하우스톡톡**


Looking for an affordable and cozy apartment in the heart of Busan? Check out our latest video tour of a budget-friendly one-room apartment in 대연동 (Daeyeon-dong), conveniently located near Pukyong National University and Dongmyeong University. With its spacious layout and various amenities, this apartment offers excellent value for your money.

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**Apartment Details:**

– Address: 867-5 Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu, Busan
– Size: 7 pyeong (approximately 23 square meters)
– Layout: Separated bedroom and living area
– Orientation: South-facing
– Move-in Ready: Immediate availability
– Included Amenities: TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, bed, microwave
– Floor: Ground floor

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가성비 짱!
원룸 같은 집이라도 층수에 따라 금액이 다르다?
이런게 가성비 원룸이다. 부산 대연동에 위치한 원룸
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대연동 U갤러리 상세정보

주소 : 부산광역시 남구 대연동 867-5
면적 : 7평형
구조 : 분리형 구조
방향 : 남향
입주 : 즉시입주 가능
옵션 : 티비, 냉장고, 세탁기, 에어컨, 침대, 전자렌지
층수 : 1층

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#실물하우스 #원룸

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Track : MarKoo – Daydreamer
Music by MarKoo ,
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