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**Title: Improve Posture with Cadillac – Sitting Forward Tutorial**

Welcome to Motion Care! In this video, we will be demonstrating the sitting forward movement using a Cadillac.

To begin, sit with your spine straight and hold the ptbar at shoulder-width. Use your feet to push the upright pillar away.

As you exhale, round your back in a C-curve, reaching your torso forward while pressing the bar.

Inhale and lengthen your spine diagonally, then exhale and lift your arms.

Inhale and lift your torso, straightening up to return to the starting pose.

Keep your arms extended throughout the movement and focus on the separation of movement between your torso and arms.

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안녕하세요~ 모션케어입니다
이번 영상은 캐딜락을 이용한 sitting forward 동작입니다 !

준비 자세는, 척추를 세우고 앉아 ptbar를 어깨너비로 잡고 발로 업라이트기둥을 밀어냅니다.

숨을 내쉬며, C-커브, Trunk 라운드 백, 바를 누르며 몸통을 앞으로

숨을 마시며 척추를 대각선으로 펴내고, 다시
숨을 내쉬며 C-커브, 팔을 들어올리고
숨을 마시며 몸통을 펴고, 바로 세우고 시작포즈로 돌아옵니다.

* 팔을 길게 뻗어 유지해야하며, 몸통과 팔의 움직임을 구별하여 동작!


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Track : MarKoo – Daydreamer
Music by MarKoo ,
Music Promoted by DayDreamsound

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