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**Side Over Motion with Barrel | Motioncare Pilates**

Welcome to Motioncare! In this video, we will be demonstrating the Side Over motion using the Barrel.

– Lie on your side on the Barrel, with your upper body positioned diagonally underneath.
– Extend your legs long and place them on the ladder, with a slight bend.
– Externally rotate your legs and place the tops of your feet on the ladder.
– Keep your hands behind your head during this exercise.

While inhaling, laterally flex your trunk over.
As you exhale, lift your trunk.

Remember to maintain pelvic stability and keep your upper body lengthened to maintain the arc.

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**Background music:**
Track: MarKoo – Daydreamer
Music by MarKoo,
Music Promoted by DayDreamsound [[source]](

안녕하세요~ 모션케어입니다
이번 영상은 바렐을 이용한 Side over 동작입니다 !

준비 자세 –
바렐에 옆으로 누운자세로, 상체는 대각선 밑에,
다리는 길게 뻗어서 레더 위에 놓고, 다리는 Bend 하며,
외회전하여 레더에 발등을 걸어주세요.
*이 때 양손은 머리 뒤로!

숨을 마시며 laterally flex trunk over,
숨을 내쉬며 lift trunk

*골반의 안정화를 유지하고
*상체를 길게 늘려 arc유지


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– Track : MarKoo – Daydreamer
Music by MarKoo ,
Music Promoted by DayDreamsound

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