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**Title**: Bottom Lift with Cadillac – Pilates Tutorial by Motion Care

Welcome to Motion Care! In this video, we will be demonstrating the Bottom Lift exercise using a Cadillac.

To perform this exercise, lie on the carriage with your feet parallel and toes pressed against the footbar while keeping your knees bent.
Inhale as you articulate your spine up, and exhale as you articulate your spine down.

Throughout the movement, focus on maintaining proper alignment of your feet and keeping your thighs internally rotated.

Minimize the movement of the carriage to optimize the effectiveness of the exercise.

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**Video Transcript**:
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안녕하세요~ 모션케어입니다
이번 영상은 캐딜락을 이용한 Bottom lift 동작입니다.

캐리지위에 누워 두발은 parallel 로 풋바에 toes를 대고 무릎은 bent

내쉬며 articulate spine up

마시며 articulate spine down

발의 정렬을 유지한다.

허벅지 내전을 유지한다.

캐리지의 움직임을 최소화한다.


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Track : MarKoo – Daydreamer
Music by MarKoo ,
Music Promoted by DayDreamsound

For The Night – Dizaro
Soundcloud :
Music Playlist by

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