03 suítes e 03 vagas em NH – Lindo Apartamento disponível

Find your dream apartment in Novo Hamburgo at the prestigious Av. Dr. Mauricio Cardoso with Sinuelo Imóveis. This spacious and comfortable apartment offers 3 suites and a living area with 4 environments. With 172m² of private space, it also includes 3 parking spaces and a storage room for your convenience.

Experience a complete infrastructure of leisure and security amenities. Enjoy the adult and children’s swimming pools, a party room, bicycle parking, a generator for unexpected power outages, a gourmet space, a fully-equipped gym, a playground, a sports court, and backup electricity generation.

Rest easy with 24-hour security provided by the building’s concierge. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to live in Novo Hamburgo.

For more information about this apartment and to schedule a visit, click [here](

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Nos altos da Av. Dr. Mauricio Cardoso. Apartamento de muito conforto e espaço. São 03 suítes, Living com 04 ambientes. Com 172m² privativos, 03 vagas de garagem e 01 depósito. Infraestrutura de lazer e segurança, completa. Piscina adulto e infantil, salão de festas, bicicletário, gerador, espaço gourmet, academia, playground, quadra esportiva e gerador de energia elétrica.
Portaria 24 horas. Saiba mais aqui:
Apartamento 03

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