2017 Guide: How to Plant Japanese Magnolia Trees with Fragrant Red-Pink Flowers

**Title:** Fragrant Japanese Magnolia Trees – Explore a Colorful Blooming Spectacle

Discover the captivating beauty of fragrant Japanese Magnolia trees (Magnolia grandiflora), known for their exceptional cold hardiness and flourishing in a stunning array of colors, ranging from white, red, purple, pink, to yellow. Get your hands on your favorite flowering trees now at Ty Ty Nursery before it’s too late to plant[^1^].

At the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., enchanting Kwanzan and Yoshino Flowering Cherry trees grace the landscape. Meanwhile, the native Flowering Dogwood trees, with their resilience to winter conditions in almost every state, stand as America’s beloved choice for blooming trees, showcasing delightful shades of pink, white, and red[^2^].

Among the flowering magnolia tree family, the evergreen Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) reigns supreme, boasting its colossal size and beautifully fragrant white blooms that bless the summer and persist into fall[^1^]. In contrast, Japanese magnolia trees shed their leaves in the fall, making a striking entrance in early spring as the first flowering trees to burst forth, depending on the weather conditions[^3^].

The pink and sweetly fragrant Japanese hybrid magnolia, often referred to as the “Saucer Magnolia,” is highly popular among ornamental blossom enthusiasts, thanks to its impressive flower size[^1^]. While red and purple hybrid magnolias also offer their own vibrant hues, the rarest among the flowering magnolia trees are those adorned with white and yellow blooms[^3^].

Immerse your surroundings with the magnificence of these flowering trees that can be harmoniously planted in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, reinventing your landscape with a riot of color and fragrance[^1^]. While the prime flowering period for Japanese magnolia trees is during their emergence from winter dormancy in spring, the vagaries of weather might bless us with occasional blooms during fall and summer, albeit to a lesser extent[^3^].

Experience the joy of nature’s vibrant palette by incorporating these magnificent flowering trees into your garden. Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle created by the Fragrant Japanese Magnolia trees and immerse yourself in a symphony of nature’s beauty.

*[Ty Ty Nursery](* Discover an exquisite selection of Japanese Magnolia trees and other flowering varieties at Ty Ty Nursery, ensuring your garden flourishes with the hues of these breathtaking blossoms.

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[^1^]: Ty Ty Nursery. [Japanese Magnolias](
[^2^]: Baldick, J. [Flowering Dogwood Trees: Care and the Best Dogwoods for Your Yard](
[^3^]: Sakai, K. [Magnolias: The Most Cold Hardy in the World!](… Fragrant Japanese Magnolia trees, Magnolia grandiflora, are extremely cold hardy blooming in a multitude of colors white, red, purple, pink and yellow. Order your favorite flowering trees now from Ty Ty Nursery before its to late to plant. Kwanzan and Yoshino Flowering Cherry trees are planted in our Nations Capital in Washington, D.C. Flowering Dogwood trees are beautiful native trees surviving Winters in almost every state! Dogwoods are Americas most popular flowering trees that bloom in colors consisting of Pink, White and Red! Flowering magnolia trees include the evergreen Southern Magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora and the gigantic flowers are very fragrant and white and bloom all summer and into the fall. The Japanese magnolia trees are deciduous and shed their leaves in the fall, and the flowers appear early in the spring, sometimes being the very first flowering trees to bloom, depending on the weather. The Japanese flowering magnolia trees most popular bloomers are pink and sweetly fragrant and called the “Saucer Magnolia”, because of the size of the flowers. Other Japanese hybrid magnolias bloom in colors of red, and purple, but perhaps the rarest of the flowering magnolia trees is the white and yellow flowering magnolia. Plant these magnificent flowering trees in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Most of the heavy flowering occurs as the the Japanese magnolia trees exit dormancy in the spring, but sometimes flowering to a lesser extent may happen in fall and summer, depending on the weather.
Pink Magnolia

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