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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are two of the most beloved celebrities of our time. The power couple is not only known for their impeccable talent in their respective fields – music and modeling – but also for their dynamic personalities and their close-knit family. Recently, Vogue had the opportunity to spend 24 hours with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and we got an exclusive look at their daily routine.


Chrissy Teigen is an early bird, and her morning routine is a testament to that. She wakes up at around 6 am, and her day starts with a cup of coffee. Chrissy believes that coffee is the key to her productivity, and she never skips it. After enjoying her cup of Joe, she moves on to her skincare routine. Chrissy loves skincare, and she takes it seriously. Her routine includes cleansing, toning, and serum application. After her skincare routine, she does a quick 10-minute yoga session before heading to the kitchen to make breakfast for her family.


John Legend is a fitness enthusiast, and working out is an essential part of his daily routine. After breakfast, John and Chrissy head to the gym for a workout session. John’s workout routine is usually a mix of weight training and cardio, while Chrissy prefers Pilates and yoga. However, the couple always makes sure to do something together before starting their day of work.


John Legend is a versatile musician, and his music is appreciated worldwide. He is often busy recording new songs or collaborating with other artists. During our 24-hour stint with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, we got to be a part of John’s recording session. It was a surreal experience to witness John’s creative process and see him bring his lyrics to life in the studio.


After the recording session, Chrissy Teigen accompanied us for some afternoon errands. She explained that running errands is a therapeutic activity for her, and it gives her some much-needed downtime. We visited some local shops, and Chrissy got a chance to pick some flowers and groceries for dinner. It was refreshing to see how grounded Chrissy is in the midst of her busy schedule.


John and Chrissy’s day ended with a family dinner, and we got an invitation to join. Chrissy cooked an elaborate meal, and we got to taste some of her signature dishes. The family dinner was an intimate gathering, and it was heartwarming to see how much John and Chrissy cherished their family time.

In conclusion, spending 24 hours with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen was a memorable experience. Their daily routine reflects their dedication to their work and family, and their charming personalities left a lasting impression on us. They are truly a couple goals, and we can only aspire to emulate their principles of hard work, love, and family.

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  1. People are so pressed over a complete stranger who made a bad move years ago. As if we all don't have moments we wish we could take back. As if so many other beloved celebrities haven't done MUCH more harm than a mean online message. Y'all need to get a grip.

  2. I love it. In insta you only see: woow chrisssyy, woooww john wow wow wow. Cause they delet cmnts and not everybody can writw them. Youtube and stuff that dont belong them, there are the cmnts im lookin for. Dont forget what she did. Chucky looking thing

  3. Chrissy, I have no idea if you will see this. I hope so. I am a mom and grand mom who absolutely loves you and your sweet husband. I could go on about you both, but it would be far too long for this medium.
    My daughter and I have loved you both forever and have kept up with you. Our prayers have been with you throughout ya’ll’s journey.
    We love your husband for all of his talent and his precious love for you and family.
    We love you for your beauty, talent and love of your family.
    Your cookbooks became available when my daughter and I needed love of food, family and enough humor to leave us in hysterics. We have laughed our hearts out reading through your books. But I must add that each recipe is fabulous!! We have made so many of them and many repeatedly.
    You and John are so loved and we wish ya’ll and your family every bit of love and happiness. Don’t EVER give up on each other!! With love!

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