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**[Angelina Danette, Inc.](**

Welcome to Angelina Danette, Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina! We are thrilled to introduce you to our innovative product – BootTapas, the most unique fashion boot you have ever worn! With our removable top feature, you can effortlessly transform your boots into different styles throughout the day.

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**A Dream Turned Reality**

Have you ever had a dream that inspired a game-changing idea? Well, that’s exactly how BootTapas came to life. In a time of desperation and economic struggle, our founder, Angelina Danette, relentlessly sought divine guidance for a breakthrough. She fervently prayed and finally, in a dream, the vision of disconnected tops and boots lying on the ground unveiled itself. It was in that moment that Angelina recognized the significance of the detachable top concept.

**Simple Steps for Stylish Transformation**

Now, let’s get practical! In this video tutorial, we will show you how to properly put on a BootTapas top. Start by unzipping the back and making sure the zipper slips all the way into the second part of the boot. With a good connection, the top effortlessly zips on like butter. Finally, zip it up the back and flaunt your stylish boots.

**Versatility at Your Fingertips**

At Angelina Danette, Inc., we prioritize both fashion and freedom of choice. That’s why BootTapas offers three different style tops – Art Tops, Fashion Tops, and Exotic Tops. You can mix and match these tops with your boots to create a unique look for any occasion. Need to transition from work to a night out? Just carry your tops with you for a quick fashion transformation.

**Join Our Family of Excellence**

When you choose Angelina Danette, Inc., you become part of our close-knit team and the vibrant lifestyle we cultivate. Our company values prioritize flexibility, growth, and treating each other like family. We strive for excellence in everything we do, fueled by the passion and dedication of our remarkable team. Together, we aim for grand success.

Don’t miss out on the fashion revolution that BootTapas brings. Explore the endless possibilities and visit our website **[](** to shop the collection and join our fashion-forward community.

– [Angelina Danette, Inc.](
– [BootTapas – The most unique fashion boot you have ever worn!](source link of the video transcript)*

Angelina Danette, Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina

BootTapas – The most unique fashion boot you have ever worn!
Rolando Santana

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