A Conversation with Hayley Elsaesser: Exploring Feminist Aesthetics | S-Club Interview

# Hayley Elsaesser: The Intersection of Fashion and Genuine Feminism

Hayley Elsaesser’s eponymous brand has been celebrated for its hyper-eccentric prints and has dressed everyone from Miley Cyrus to Katy Perry and Liz Trinnear. We met up with the Canadian-born designer at her Queen Street flagship store in Toronto to discuss her design process, visuals, pop culture inspirations, and the need for genuine feminism within the fashion industry.

**The Importance of Diverse Representation**

In our interview with Hayley, she shared that her brand’s celebration of diversity is a conscious decision. She uses models of different walks of life, ethnicity, and sexualities, to contribute to her brand’s representation of the real world and her real customers. She understands the importance of having a portrayal of different types of beauties and bodies in the fashion industry. Hayley believes that the fashion industry has an obligation to respond to inequalities and marginalization, and that it becomes more impactful when it’s addressed organically.

**Hailey Elsaesser: Beyond Aesthetics**

Hailey’s brand story is not limited to aesthetics, but also embodies a genuine intent to make a positive impact in fashion. Her clothes embrace a diverse range of sizes, which brings positivity and brings the voice of different types of bodies in the industry. Hailey is quite conscious of what she puts out there because she knows the fashion industry impacts young girls and can be such an amazing tool for real change.

**What’s Next for the Hailey Elsaesser Story**

Hailey recently opened a pop-up shop at Yorkdale Mall called Concept. The shop features a range of young designers’ and brands’ collections, offering an opportunity for smaller brands like hers to reach a new demographic. Hailey constantly updates her designs and is excited to see them come to life. Her ultimate goal is to inspire more young people to wear her clothes and to continue to push for an inclusive and genuine fashion industry.

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Hayley Elsaesser’s eponymous brand of hyper-eccentric prints has been known to dress everyone from Miley Cyrus to Katy Perry and Liz Trinnear. We met up with the Canadian-born designer at her Queen Street flagship store to talk visuals, pop culture inspo, and the need for genuine (not branded!) feminism within the fashion industry.

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