A Night of Mexican Fashion

# **Una Noche de Moda Mexicana: Behind the Scenes with Gabriel Martinez and Annabel Marquez**

Join us for an exclusive look at the glitz and glamour of Una Noche de Moda Mexicana, a night of fashion hosted by Gabriel Martinez and Annabel Marquez, produced by JAnthony Garnica.

In this behind-the-scenes video, witness the incredible talent and creativity that goes into the fashion industry. From the intricate designs to the stunning accessories and makeup, Una Noche de Moda Mexicana showcases the best of Mexican fashion.

So if you’re a fashion enthusiast or just appreciate the artistry behind it all, you won’t want to miss this video. Subscribe to our channel for more exclusive content and updates on the latest fashion trends.

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#### Video Transcript:

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A night of fashion with video from behind the scenes at Una Noche de Moda Mexicana with Gabriel Martinez and Annabel Marquez produced by JAnthony Garnica.
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