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##### **How to Create a Still Life Inspired by Paul Cezanne**

In this art tutorial, we will guide you through the simple steps to create a stunning still life featuring a bowl of overlapping apples. Perfect for kindergarten artists and budding painters, this beginner painting lesson will ignite your creativity.

Discover the inspiration behind this still life as we delve into the works of the renowned artist, Paul Cezanne. Learn about his unique style and use of color, which will add depth and vibrancy to your own painting.

But that’s not all! This tutorial is part of our “Fall Art Lesson Bundle for Elementary Artists,” which includes six engaging lessons. If you’re looking to enhance your skills and explore different techniques, click here to check out the bundle: [Fall Art Lesson Bundle for Elementary Artists](

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Transcript of the video:

* [Timestamp 00:05] Welcome to Art with Trista!
* [Timestamp 00:10] Today, we will be creating a beautiful still life inspired by the legendary artist, Paul Cezanne.
* [Timestamp 00:20] Follow along as we guide you through simple steps to paint a bowl of overlapping apples.
* [Timestamp 00:30] We will explore the techniques and color choices that Cezanne used in his still life paintings.
* [Timestamp 00:40] Get ready to add depth and dimension to your artwork by creating space through overlapping.
* [Timestamp 00:50] This beginner painting lesson is perfect for our youngest artists, from kindergarteners to budding painters.
* [Timestamp 01:00] But that’s not all! This tutorial is just one of the many exciting lessons included in our “Fall Art Lesson Bundle for Elementary Artists.”
* [Timestamp 01:10] Be sure to check out the bundle for a complete set of engaging art lessons.
* [Timestamp 01:20] Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for updates, exclusive freebies, and more.
* [Timestamp 01:30] Visit our website for additional art resources and to explore our full range of lessons.
* [Timestamp 01:40] For endless inspiration and creative ideas, follow us on Pinterest.
* [Timestamp 01:50] Let’s get started on our still life inspired by Paul Cezanne!

How to create a still life that includes bowl of overlapping apples featuring simple steps for the youngest artist to follow. A perfect beginning painting lesson for a kindergarten artist or any budding painter. The art tutorial includes information about Paul Cezanne and his still life paintings for inspiration while adding color to your painting.

Still Life Inspired by Paul Cezanne is included in the “Fall Art Lesson Bundle for Elementary Artists” (6 lessons), available here:




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