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Join us as we pass through the busiest border crossing in the world and buy all the food being offered. How much will we spend? Watch to find out!

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**Full Video Transcript:**

We are at the Tijuana-San Diego border crossing, the busiest border crossing in the world, and right now we are in line at the red and green line. This is where people typically wait for about an hour and a half to two hours. The interesting thing is that they sell all kinds of food here. Today, we’re going to say yes to everything they offer us to eat. I’m nervous because I don’t know how much we’re going to spend. Let’s see!

[Various food vendors approach]

We’re going to start with churros. How much is a churro? Alright, I’ll take two. Oh, they only have caramel flavor, they didn’t have any change so I paid with a $50 bill. Let’s move on!

I just finished eating the churro and now they sold me some potato chips. The variety of food here at the border is incredible. You can get churros, potato chips, and even nuts.

[Drinking water from a street vendor]

Now let’s try this agua fresca. It’s not too sweet but it’s not flavorless either. It’s decent. You gotta try these waters when you come here.

[Passing street vendors]

I love how you can sleep in late and still have breakfast here at the border. If they don’t say anything, I won’t say anything. I won’t sell anything, I won’t sell anything.

[Approached by a vendor selling fruit]

Oh, I forgot I’m not allowed to bring fruit across the border. Enjoy it! Thank you, enjoy it too!

Did you know that you can’t bring fruit from Mexico to the US? I guess it’s because of control.

[Continuing to explore the food options]

Here we have chicharrones for 45 pesos. Look at all the food options, it’s like a little Christmas.

[Buying chicharrones]

I think this bag of chicharrones would cost about 10 pesos in Mexico. Let me know in the comments how much it would cost in your area.

[Buying nieve de garrafa]

Now we’re buying some homemade ice cream. They have mango and lemon flavors. It’s starting to melt a bit, but it’s still good.

[Buying a torta]

Let’s try a torta. How much for a torta? 70 pesos. Ok, I’ll take one with a Coca-Cola.

[Trying the torta]

The torta is good. The bread is nice and creamy, the mayonnaise and avocado complement it well. The meat is seasoned perfectly. I finished the torta, and look at this ice cream, it’s still not melted.

[Buying another food item]

Now we get some mashed potatoes. These are flavored mashed potatoes, not bad at all.

[Finding out about crossing restrictions]

I remember now that I can’t bring fruit across. Do you want this mango? Enjoy it! Thank you! Did you know that you can’t bring fruit from Mexico to the US? I guess it’s because of control.

[Ending the video]

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Pasé por la garita más transitada del mundo y compré todo lo que me ofrecían de comida. ¿Cuánto gastamos? ¡Acompáñanos a ver!

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  1. Este video lo he visto en 2 o 3 ocasiones (la que sigue el canal en mi celular, es mi hija de 11 años), la primera vez recuerdo haber visto al del mandil y le pregunté a mi hija "bueno, y si le compró el mandil?" Y me dijo "no sé, mami".
    Alguien sabe si compró el mandil? Pues también le ofrecieron… me quede con la duda desde ese día (ahorita lo estoy viendo yo sola, x eso puedo preguntar)😅

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