Achieving a Prosperous Brand and Business: Featuring Sweet Laurel Bakery’s Claire Thomas

# How to Build a Successful Brand and Business as a Women Entrepreneur: An Interview with Claire Thomas of Sweet Laurel Bakery

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to build a successful brand and business? Join us as we chat with Claire Thomas, co-founder of Sweet Laurel Bakery, on her journey to success. In this segment of QuickBooks’ lunch on the books series, we discuss her inspiring story of starting a business from scratch, how she built a brand and attracted a loyal customer base, and her tips for entrepreneurs seeking to start or grow their businesses.

## About Claire Thomas

Claire Thomas is a director, entrepreneur, and brand visionary. She co-founded Sweet Laurel Bakery, a bakery that bakes with simple, natural, and unprocessed ingredients.

## About Sweet Laurel Bakery

Sweet Laurel Bakery was born when Laurel, Claire’s best friend who had an autoimmune disorder, baked a cake with ingredients she could eat. Claire saw potential in the recipe, and the two founded a bakery that focused on delicious, decadent, and easy-to-make treats that were also grain-free and dairy-free.

## Claire’s Journey to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Claire discusses how she developed blind confidence and the gift she brings to Sweet Laurel Bakery – storytelling. She shares her secrets to success and how she creates a cozy atmosphere with her products. Finally, Claire talks about how important it is to have a big vision for your brand and the importance of a name that can set the tone for your business.

## Tools to Make Your Job Easier

Claire shares the importance of reaching for tools to make your job easier. As an entrepreneur with multiple streams of income, QuickBooks has streamlined her business’s financials and helps to prioritize her time.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from a successful woman entrepreneur and build your successful business today!

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