Acoustic FINGERSTYLE Lesson: A Guide to Playing Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” on Guitar

**How To Play Landslide On Guitar – FINGERSTYLE Guitar Lesson**

Welcome to my YouTube channel! In this video, I will be teaching you how to play “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac on acoustic guitar using fingerstyle technique. This tutorial will closely follow the original version played by Fleetwood Mac. Additionally, I will mention that other artists such as the Smashing Pumpkins and the Dixie Chicks have covered this song with similar arrangements.

During this lesson, I will guide you through the Landslide guitar chords as well as the fingerpicking patterns used in the verses and choruses. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play “Landslide” on acoustic guitar, then this tutorial is perfect for you!

To help you follow along, I have prepared a chord chart for “Landslide” on acoustic guitar. You can download it here: [Landslide Chord Chart](

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Here are the chapters covered in this Landslide guitar lesson:

0:00 – Intro & Background Info
1:00 – Verse Chords with Close-ups
3:33 – Verse Picking Pattern with Close-ups
8:30 – Transition to Chorus with Close-ups
11:17 – Chorus with Close-ups
14:16 – Demonstration
15:07 – Extra Embellishments
16:31 – Outro

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The camera I used to film this video is the Canon EOS T7i: [Canon EOS T7i](

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How To Play Landslide On Guitar – FINGERSTYLE Guitar Lesson – In this video, I will be going over how to play Landslide by Fleetwood Mac on acoustic guitar. This is going to be a fingerstyle guitar tutorial. This is very close to how Fleetwood Mac plays original. I know that the Smashing Pumpkins covered this song as well as the Dixie Chicks and it’s pretty much all the same. I will be going over the Landslide guitar chords and well as the finger picking pattern to use over the verses and the choruses. If you have always wanted to learn how to play Landslide by Fleetwood Mac on the acoustic guitar, then this guitar tutorial is for you!

Grab my chord chart for how to play Landslide on acoustic guitar:

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Landslide guitar lesson chapters:

0:00 – Intro & Background Info
1:00 – Verse Chords w/ Close-ups
3:33 – Verse Picking Pattern w/ Close-ups
8:30 – Transition To Chorus w/ Close-ups
11:17 – Chorus w/ Close-ups
14:16 – Demonstration
15:07 – Extra Embellishments
16:31 – Outro

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Kyser Capos:
Snark Guitar Tuner:

Camera I use to make this video: Canon EOS T7i:

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For more beginner/intermediate guitar songs, check out my playlist:

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Thank you for watching my how to play Landslide video.

Lauren 🙂

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  1. Hi Lauren! I watch a lot of your videos and I have a question that's been driving me crazy regarding fingerpicking. Some of the chord shapes we're doing, for example, the Em7 and the D/F# require that the first string (is that right? high e) be held down by the fourth finger, but we don't actually pluck that string, so are we just following the correct form for the sake of consistency or does it matter? I find this happens hall the time when watching videos for fingerpicking songs where I'm told to hold certain chord shapes but maybe only one of the strings involved is plucked. Do you follow my meaning?

  2. I really like your teaching style and appreciate your enthusiasm and warmth. I've seen a lot of your lessons and until this one, (maybe I just wasn't paying attention?) hadn't realised what a good voice you have.Without the camera, it could be Stevie Nicks doing this song at home. Flattery will get you….well, up to you! Thank you Lauren.

  3. Very interesting placement for a capo 🤔 you would think if you don't play with your fingers directly on top of the fret, you wouldn't place the capo there either

  4. Lauren, thank you sincerely for this lesson. But, I have a question about the G/B that you are using in this piece. The G/B chord that I was shown has a minor change to what you show. In mine, the only change that I make is, rather than putting my pinky on the third fret of the second string, I place it on the third fret of the first string. Your chord has the notes B D G & D. The one that I was shown has the notes B D G B & G. Am I incorrect? I would just like your help.
    Bill Baker in Toronto

  5. Thanks so much for this. After annoying my wife with the same pattern on the C chord I got it.
    Also how do you like the Crafters guitar you’re playing, action, finish, frets? I know the aren’t expensive but they look pretty nice.

  6. On the G/B chord, it seems easier to use the third finger to third fret rather than the fourth finger (the fourth gives me loads of trouble). Great teaching style BTW. I'm wondering if you have a subscription plan for the full lesson package?

  7. I'm not there yet as a beginner, but this type of lesson keeps me going. This song is a solid goal. So happy we have you teaching us Lauren. Cheers

  8. Thanks Lauren! I have a question for you. With the D7 you said it’s 6 string cord. Correct? But you said playing the 5 and 6 string with the thumb? Or is it the 6 and 4 string? Thank you

  9. Thanks for the Vid! I play this song and love it! Please note this is in the key of Eb, so it's not a "C maj" chord but a Eb maj chord. You're not hearing a C, Am, G, etc. so best to think of it in Eb as it is played and heard. This is important when playing at a jam session and people want to join with instruments that don't use capos.

  10. Not only is she a great teacher but she never ages….How does she do that? Does playing guitar keep you young? Well it just might be true…

  11. I like to see instructors actually play some of song first before they start teaching it so viewers know they can actually play it like the original recording. Sorry but for this reason, I’m out on this instructor although she is probably very competent.

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