Actress Anya Taylor-Joy Explores La Galerie Dior at 30 Montaigne

## Shadow Anya Taylor-Joy on a Guided Tour of La Galerie Dior at 30 Montaigne

Join the captivating Anya Taylor-Joy, Dior’s esteemed global brand ambassador for women’s fashion and make-up, as she takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the newly reopened 30 Montaigne. Step into the world of Dior and witness the breathtaking window display exhibiting 1,874 meticulously arranged, color-coded objects from the House. As a self-proclaimed history enthusiast, Anya spots dresses she has personally worn, now gracefully showcased behind glass. Delve deeper into the experience as she explores the original “cabine” where the models once styled their own hair and make-up.

### Explore the Timeless World of Dior
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### The Essence of Dior: Femininity, Heritage, and Haute Couture
Experience the legacy of DIOR, CHRISTIAN DIOR, MONSIEUR DIOR, and DIOR 30 MONTAIGNE as you immerse yourself in this extraordinary video featuring Anya Taylor-Joy. Witness the stunning GALERIE DIOR and delve into the extensive archives of the house. Gain insight into the iconic heritage of Dior while exploring their exceptional women’s collection, haute couture, and exquisite couture pieces.

### A Transcription of the Journey

“Welcome to the world of Dior. I love teeny tiny things. I have worn that dress. You have to guess how many objects we have on these walls. 404 100. 1000, 874. It’s quite an introduction, isn’t it? Yes. May I present to you The Bar suit. 1947. Okay, Spring summer. Good job. Thank you.”

“See, I told you – a proper nerd. And it’s crazy how modern it still is. Extremely modern. This is mitzah, mitzah, mitzah, mitzah, mitzah, right? Exactly. Look at the sleeve. I know. It’s called the Zig-Zag line. It’s just stunning. And it’s interesting because standing completely still, it still has this movement.”

“You can see that it’s meant to be worn. Yeah. It’s feminine, but it’s tough. I cannot believe that this is a lipstick case. It kind of comes back to that idea of things are built to last. This way. After you. Oh, thank you. This is Maria Grazia’s first collection, right? No way. Galliano. Gianfranco Ferré. Oh, my goodness! Of course. And then Yves Saint Laurent. Exactly. Gotta love a hat. Got to love a hat. Yeah, I grew up a real tomboy. I came to fashion through characters. The magic of being able to put on clothes and suddenly see somebody completely different in the mirror. Hello. You were very good to me. I appreciate your dress. It’s kind of strange seeing her behind glass. The way that I’ve been able to dress myself for the red carpet, that also helps me because I’ve become a kind of different character in that instance, too. Wow, that’s it. That’s you. Are you trying to steal it? Obviously I’ll steal everything. Don’t I look like someone who doesn’t want to be noticed? That is crazy. We didn’t change anything from Mr Dior’s time. Do you want to see it from below? Yes, I have the key. Oh, my goodness. Yes, let’s go. This is so crazy! You have no idea how much of a history buff I am. Welcome. Oh, this is insane. It’s a bit like the heart of the house. So this is where all the models were working and they were all dressed up in this cabin. You can imagine all of the chattering and the kind of bon vivant energy that’s around here. You know what’s interesting is that during the time, models would do their makeup themselves. They’re so sweet. But you know what’s also exciting about this is because they’re refillable and they have different bottle tops, pieces now doing the same thing with Dior Addict. They all have the different- Exactly. They have the little like dresses for the different lipsticks, which is — it’s just, it’s gorgeous. Hello. It’s strange, and it’s also something that I really love about Mr. Dior’s idea of fashion is that he wanted women to feel beautiful. Oh my God! Stop it. Okay, this is… It’s like an interpretation of Juno. Juno was a Goddess. Oh, Juno. Yes, gorgeous. It really is special just to be able to walk around. And I think people would be really surprised as to how it translates to modern day. It’s really stayed classically within its essence, but it’s just so modern.”

Witness the enchanting moments and uncover the magical connection between history and modernity in this captivating guided tour where fashion meets art at La Galerie Dior. Become captivated by the elegance and vision of Dior as Anya Taylor-Joy unravels the timeless beauty within each meticulously crafted garment.

Video: Melinda Triana
Photo: Pierre Mouton
MUA: Valeria Ferreira for Dior Beauty
Lipstick: Dior Addict Lipstick Dior 8

Shadow the inimitable Anya Taylor-Joy, Dior’s global brand ambassador for women’s fashion and make-up, on her guided tour of La Galerie Dior at the newly reopened 30 Montaigne. Taking in a spectacular window showcasing 1,874 color-coded objects by the House, the self-confessed history nerd on the visit spots dresses she has worn herself, now showcased behind glass, and gets to explore the original “cabine” where the models did their own hair and make-up.

Enter into the world of Dior:

© Video: Melinda Triana
Photo: Pierre Mouton
MUA: Valeria Ferreira for Dior Beauty
Lipstick: Dior Addict Lipstick Dior 8

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  1. Anya is a timeless beauty, brilliant actor, she could play anyone superbly. I would love to see her play Audrey Hepburn and wear those awesome chic cloths 👗

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