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**Adriana Santacruz at Cali Exposhow 2014: “Piel y Tejido” Collection Showcase**

Join renowned fashion designer Adriana Santacruz for an exclusive glimpse into her latest collection, “Piel y Tejido,” showcased at Cali Exposhow 2014. Drawing inspiration from the origins and fundamentals of fashion, Santacruz’s collection pays homage to the indigenous art of handcrafted textile techniques.

Embracing the timeless symmetries and balanced aesthetics, Santacruz unveils an exquisite range of organic and artisanal pieces. Through intricate detailing and the use of ancestral weaving methods, each garment exudes a harmonious fusion of earth, water, fire, air, and spirit.

Immerse yourself in the graceful dance of femininity as exhibited by each walking stride, perfectly complemented by the rhythmic sway of the garments. Experience the richness of knowledge and cultural traditions reflected in the earth tones and the captivating presence of the striking red hues that stole the spotlight during the final runway showcase.

Join Adriana Santacruz at Cali Exposhow 2014 as she presents the beauty and complexity of “Piel y Tejido,” a collection that celebrates the timeless artistry of indigenous fashion. Witness the mesmerizing fusion of tradition and contemporary design that sets Santacruz apart in the world of fashion trends.

For more fashion inspiration and updates, visit [Adriana Santacruz’s official website]( Explore the wonders of Cali Exposhow at [Cali Exposhow official website](

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*Video transcript:*
“Between symmetry and balance lies the essence of Adriana Santacruz’s pieces. Once again, this illusion takes center stage at the Cali Exposhow runway. Santacruz embraces the origins and fundamentals of fashion, showcasing an organic and artisanal collection that pays tribute to the ancestral indigenous weaving techniques. It’s a stretched aggression that represents the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, spirit. The graceful stride of femininity harmoniously accompanies the movement of these garments filled with knowledge and customs. Earth tones and a captivating red steal the show in the final pieces presented on the runway today.” [^source]

[^source]: [Adriana Santacruz en el segundo día de Cali Exposhow 2014 presentando su última colección “Piel y Tejido”](

Adriana Santacruz en el segundo día de Cali Exposhow 2014 presentando su última colección “Piel y Tejido”.
Adriana Santacruz

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