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Adriana Santacruz has opened a new store in the Zona G of Bogotá, Colombia and introduces her latest collection titled “Casaray.” As a renowned designer, Adriana Santacruz believes in the power of handmade garments created by skilled artisans. In this interview with Flash Fashion, she shares her passion for preserving the artistry of Colombian craftsmanship.

With Moda Con Espíritu (Fashion with Spirit) at the core of her brand, Santacruz’s boutique is not just a place to shop, but also a space filled with history and stories. Each fabric tells a unique tale, with the origins and hands of every artisan intricately intertwined with vibrant colors and stunning accessories.

During the recent edition of Colombiamoda, Adriana Santacruz unveiled her collection, Casaray. The name itself signifies marriage, and through the colors and patterns, she showcases the beauty of Latin American life, from the breathtaking landscapes to the light that radiates through the region.

One particular highlight of this collection is the use of the montañas, or in English, mountains. These embroidered designs are meticulously handcrafted by artisans and serve as a symbol of love and unity in marriage. They are strikingly displayed on various garments, adding a touch of uniqueness and elegance to each piece.

Experience the magnificence of Adriana Santacruz’s latest collection and immerse yourself in the world of Colombian craftsmanship. Step into her boutique in the Zona G of Bogotá or browse through her exquisite Pret-a-Porter (Ready-to-Wear) pieces online. Join the fashion revolution that combines tradition with contemporary designs and support the artisans who bring them to life.

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Adriana Santacruz le cuenta a Flash Fashion acerca de su nueva tienda en la Zona G de Bogotá y de la más reciente colección titulada “Casaray”.
Adriana Santacruz

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