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### **Adriana Santacruz Closing Ibagué Maquila y Moda 2014 Runway with “AlpaManta Otoñal” Collection**

[![Adriana Santacruz cerrando las pasarelas de Ibagué Maquila y Moda 2014](thumbnail link)](video link)

Welcome to the exciting finale of Ibagué Maquila y Moda 2014, where fashion meets the raw creativity of Colombian talent. In this closing ceremony, renowned designer Adriana Santacruz takes us on a mesmerizing journey through her Fall/Winter 2014 collection, “AlpaManta Otoñal.”

The driving force behind Santacruz’s designs is the revival of weaving techniques carried out by indigenous communities. This collection showcases lightweight garments with symmetrical patterns, incorporating multifunctionality as its key novelty. Drawing inspiration from ancestral heritage, the runway brims with designs adorned with captivating geometric elements, ranging from warm to cool colors.

Intriguingly, the skirts from this collection effortlessly transform into versatile dresses and pants, ensuring each piece is unique and infused with its own natural allure. Every garment that graces the runway tells a story and possesses a soul, as it is skillfully crafted in touch with the wonders of nature.

Experience the awe-inspiring talent of Adriana Santacruz in this captivating video, which beautifully captures the essence of “AlpaManta Otoñal.” Witness the convergence of ancient weaving traditions with contemporary fashion trends, showcasing the true artistry and cultural heritage of Colombia.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary moment that not only reflects the creativity of local talent but also pays homage to indigenous communities.

For more remarkable fashion and design, [visit Adriana Santacruz’s official website]( and follow her on [Instagram]( for the latest updates and inspirations.

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Adriana Santacruz cerrando las pasarelas de Ibagué Maquila y Moda 2014 con su colección Otoño/Invierno 2014 llamada “AlpaManta Otoñal”.
Adriana Santacruz

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