Adriana Santacruz’s Fabulous Runway at Cali Exposhow 2014

**Adriana Santacruz Presents “Piel y Tejido” Collection at Cali Exposhow 2014**

Experience the exceptional fusion of Colombian craftsmanship and sustainable fashion as Adriana Santacruz showcases her remarkable collection, “Piel y Tejido,” at Cali Exposhow 2014. Inspired by the awe-inspiring elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air, and spirit – this collection embodies the essence of beauty and elegance.

With a strong emphasis on preserving the environment and supporting local artisans, Adriana Santacruz presents a fashion line that not only portrays the rich cultural heritage of Colombia but also contributes to the growth of sustainable fashion. Every intricately crafted garment tells a story, encapsulating the harmonious connection between fashion and the natural world.

Witness a mesmerizing display of creativity and innovation as Adriana Santacruz celebrates the spirit of Colombian artisanship. From exquisite textures to vibrant hues, each piece reflects the passion and dedication poured into its creation. Embrace the allure of “Piel y Tejido” and embark on a fashion journey that embraces ethics and style.

Discover the artistry of Adriana Santacruz and her commitment to promoting sustainable fashion made in Colombia. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of nature and the spirit of fashion at Cali Exposhow 2014.

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Adriana Santacruz presenta su colección “Piel y Tejido” en las pasarelas de Cali Exposhow 2014.
Colección inspirada en los elementos de la naturaleza: tierra, agua, fuego, aire, espíritu.
Adriana Santacruz

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