Adriane Galisteu and Alexandre Iódice: tips for maintaining a marriage

# Maintaining a Happy Marriage: Insights from Adriane Galisteu and Alexandre Iódice

Adriane Galisteu and Alexandre Iódice are a prime example of a couple who embody partnership and mutual respect. In this video, they share their insights on how to maintain a good marriage in today’s world.

**Respect is Key**

According to Adriane and Alexandre, the foundation of any successful marriage is respect. This applies not only to the couple but also to their respective families. A mutual understanding and acceptance of each other’s flaws, work, and family are crucial in building a strong relationship.

**Self-Love and Admiration**

The couple also stresses the importance of self-love and admiration for each other. When you have a positive self-image, it’s easier to appreciate and admire your partner. Adriane shares that mutual admiration is the cornerstone of their relationship, which helps them weather any challenges that come their way.

**Maturity and Commitment**

Marriage is not an easy task, and both Adriane and Alexandre acknowledge that it takes commitment and maturity to make it work. The couple got married later in life, after Adriane had their son and was in her late 30s.

**Happiness is a Choice**

Ultimately, a marriage is only as good as the individuals in it. Adriane emphasizes that life is too short to stay in an unhappy marriage, and it’s crucial to address any issues and find solutions. Resolving conflicts with a positive attitude and an open mind can lead to a happier and healthier marriage.

Watch this video for more insights from Adriane Galisteu and Alexandre Iódice on maintaining a happy marriage.


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A apresentadora Adriane Galisteu e o empresário Alexandre Iódice são um casal exemplo de parceria e cumplicidade. Aqui os dois contaram um pouco de como é possível manter um bom casamento nos dias de hoje. Veja

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