Alaïa’s sophisticated luxury crosses the Seine

THE CANCELLATION OF CELINE’S FASHION SHOW: Amidst the violence and turmoil in France, Celine made the decision to cancel their fashion show and party due to the inconsiderate and inappropriate nature of holding it in such a tense social climate. It would have been difficult for attendees to also make it to the Alaïa show.

ALAÏA’S OUTDOOR SHOW: Despite the cancelation of Celine’s show, Alaïa decided to proceed with their show. They transformed the pedestrian runway of Léopold-Sédar-Senghor into a temporary podium, creating an unparalleled outdoor setting at sunset. The Seine River became the exceptional witness to this event, with a much tenser atmosphere compared to previous shows.

THE BEAUTY OF ALAÏA’S COLLECTION: Alaïa’s collection was a sublimation of beauty, managing to create a moment of refined elegance amidst the gray city. The collection celebrated noble fabrics and elevated models to powerful elegance. Leather was a common thread throughout the collection, with long coats, double-breasted jackets, and structured dresses with puffed sleeves. Accessories included long gloves and minimalist handbags.

MULIER’S COLLECTION EMBRACING ALAÏA’S STYLE: Pieter Mulier’s collection for Alaïa echoed the precise lines and unique style of the late fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa. The collection showcased purity and the sublimation of women’s bodies, with fitted and semi-transparent dresses, hourglass silhouettes, and tailored skirts. The collection embraced sobriety with touches of relaxed sensuality and a neutral palette with pops of color.

THE CAPTIVATING SHOW: Mulier made his appearance clad in a classic white blouse worn by the Alaïa team, receiving applause from a captivated audience. The show continued beneath a bridge on one of the quays, with a dedicated cast of models, including Irina Shayk, Mariacarla Boscono, and Vittoria Ceretti.

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