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**Periodista, empresaria, conferencista y analista de tendencias**. Conocida por su apoyo al diseño de moda mexicano y a los nuevos talentos de la industria.

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Welcome to this video featuring our guest, a renowned **journalist, entrepreneur, conference speaker, and trend analyst**. She is well-known for her tremendous support to the Mexican fashion design and nurturing the emerging talents in the industry.

In this video, our guest discusses her experience at **Intermoda Expo Guadalajara**, the largest fashion event in Mexico. As we celebrate the 70th edition of this remarkable expo, our guest shares her insights and highlights the major challenges faced, specifically in the area of **trending designers and designers corner**.

The greatest challenge, according to our guest, was bringing together talented designers with a strong entrepreneurial drive. She acknowledges the significant evolution that Intermoda has undergone throughout the years and expresses her excitement for what the future holds for this esteemed event.

Looking ahead to the next year and upcoming editions, our guest anticipates tremendous growth in the trending designers’ section. She emphasizes the increasing number of designers visiting this fashion corridor at the top of Expo Guadalajara, and confidently declares that it will be a sought-after destination for all in the industry.

As you watch this video, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of fashion, business, and trends. Gain valuable insights from our esteemed guest and discover the vibrant Mexican fashion scene.

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Periodista, empresaria, conferencista y analista de tendencias. Conocida por apoyar al diseño de moda mexicano y a los nuevos talentos de la industria.

¡Gracias por se parte de la celebración IM!


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