Alma’s Digital Resource Waitlist for Patrons

**Welcome to the Patron Waitlist for Digital Resources | Alma Tutorial**

In this informative video, Yoel Kortick, Ex Libris Senior Librarian, will guide you through the setup and workflow for using the Patron Waitlist feature in Alma, focusing on Controlled Digital Lending (CDL).

To access the PowerPoint presentation mentioned in the video, please visit the [Ex Libris Knowledge Center](

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**Video Transcript:**

Hello everybody! Thank you for joining us today as we explore the Patron Waitlist for Digital Resources in Alma. I’m Yoel Kortick, Senior Librarian at Ex Libris Jerusalem Headquarters.

In this tutorial, we will briefly review the accompanying PowerPoint presentation available on the Ex Libris Knowledge Center. You can find the link to the PowerPoint in the video’s description on YouTube.

Let’s start with a brief introduction to the Patron Waitlist for Digital Resources. This feature is essential to Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) as it manages concurrent user access to digital objects. It determines the number of users who can view a digital object simultaneously, how long they can view it, and allows users who cannot access it due to concurrent user limits to join a waitlist.

Similar to physical item requests on the hold shelf, the waitlist operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. When users attempt to view a digital resource, but the maximum number of concurrent users is already reached, they can join the waitlist. Once it’s their turn, they receive a notification and can access the resource.

In this tutorial, we will cover the configuration of access rights, configuring the patron waitlist, and demonstrate the workflow within Primo involving multiple users.

Let’s dive into the setup process by accessing the Configuration Menu in Alma and selecting Fulfillment and Copyright Management Access Rights. We will explore a previously defined access right called the “ylk1 concurrent users access rights policy” which includes a denied note for users already viewing a digital object.

Furthermore, we’ll explore a denied note override for unregistered users. This ensures that both logged-in and unregistered users receive appropriate messages. If no denied note override is defined for unregistered users, the default denied note will be used.

Within the access rights policy, we’ll examine the “one user at a time” rule, which consists of expressions defining the number of concurrent users and the time allowed for viewing the resource. Though we have set it to three minutes for demonstration purposes, in reality, this duration would be longer.

It’s crucial to note the requirement of user registration for accessing the waitlist feature. When a user is logged in, they can join the waitlist; otherwise, they will be prompted to register.

To enable the full waitlist feature, we must check the “Manage Access Waitlist” option. This includes defining a grace period during which a user has the opportunity to access the resource once notified. If they do not access it within the grace period, the resource is made available to the next person in line.

Optional functionalities, such as limiting the waitlist usage to specific hours, can be configured according to institutional preferences.

Please review the video for a detailed explanation of the settings and options within the access rights policy and rule configuration process.

To apply the configured access rights, we will now navigate to a digital resource within Alma. Examining the “Outrageous in Every Day: The Papers of Gloria Steinem” as an example, we will see how the access rights policy is applied to ensure controlled access and waitlist management.

For a step-by-step demonstration of the process, please watch the video.

Thank you for watching and joining us in exploring the powerful Patron Waitlist for Digital Resources feature in Alma.

(Source: [Ex Libris Knowledge Center](

In this video Yoel Kortick, Ex Libris Senior Librarian, describes and shows live both the setup and workflow for using the Patron Waitlist for Digital Resources. The PowerPoint referred to in the video may be accessed at: Mae

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