Amine BENDRIOUICH – 11.11.11 Edition of Contemporary Moroccan Roots.

# Amine Bendriouich: A Mixture of Contemporary Moroccan Roots

Are you ready to meet a fashion designer and big Hmar (donkey) o’bikheer who is incredibly proud of his roots in Morocco? Then you need to check out Amine Bendriouich, a contemporary Moroccan designer whose work has been featured in iconic publications such as Vogue and worn by celebrities like Rihanna.

But this isn’t just about fashion. Bendriouich is a strongly sociable character, who has been likened to a cartoon motion character. He’s not afraid to be himself, even if that means showcasing his terrible singing.

This video showcases Amine Bendriouich’s work in a recent edition, 11.11.11, sponsored by Red Bull and Corona. The collaboration allowed the designer to showcase his unique blend of contemporary and traditional Moroccan styles, a style that has earned him numerous accolades in the fashion world.

If you’re interested in the Moroccan aesthetic, then this video is a must-watch. You’ll learn about Bendriouich’s creative process and see his stunning pieces brought to life on the runway.

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He is A MIX between a Fashion Designer, A Big Hmar (donkey) o’bikheer (but proud of it), a very bad singer, and a strongly crazily sociable character from the life cartoon motion
Amine Bendriouich

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