An Effortless and Cost-Free Substitute for Plastic Sheet Backed Moss Pole

Looking for a cheap and easy alternative to plastic sheet backing for moss poles? Look no further! In this DIY moss pole tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a DIY plastic-backed moss pole using a readily available material that is also FREE! Plastic sheeting for moss poles can be difficult to find, but I have a solution for you.

**What is a Plastic-Backed Moss Pole?**
A plastic-backed moss pole has several advantages. It keeps the moss pole moist for a longer period of time, promoting healthy root growth. It also helps to direct the roots downward, allowing for better plant growth and stability.

**Alternative to Plastic Sheet Backing**
If you’re having trouble finding plastic sheeting for your DIY moss pole, don’t worry! There is an alternative solution. Instead of using traditional plastic sheeting, you can repurpose thin sheets of plastic that are typically used as protective covers for spiral-bound documents. You can find these sheets for free at stores like Office Works in Australia, or similar stores in your country.

**Make Your Own Plastic-Backed Moss Pole**
To make a plastic-backed moss pole, start by gathering scraps of thin plastic sheeting. These scraps are usually thrown away, so you can ask for them for free. The size of the plastic sheet will depend on the width of your moss pole and the size of the wire mesh you’ll be using. Measure the width using a string or twine, and cut the plastic sheet accordingly.

**Thicken the Plastic Sheet**
Since the thin plastic sheet won’t provide as much support as traditional plastic sheeting, it’s important to thicken it. Layer multiple sheets together (around four or five layers) to create a firmer backing for your moss pole.

**Cutting and Assembling**
Once you have your plastic sheeting ready, align it with the wire mesh and cut it to the appropriate size. This will ensure that your moss pole looks just like the traditional plastic-backed ones. Attach the plastic sheeting to the wire mesh using cable ties or any other suitable method.

**Products Used:**
– [Cable Ties](
– [Wire Mesh](
– [Plastic Sheet](
– [Clear Semi Hydro Pots](
– [LECA](
– [Decor Potting Tray](
– [Growth Technology Clonex Clone Solution](
– [Growth Technology Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel](
– [Growth Technology Foliage Focus](
– [pH Kit](

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Looking for an easy and cheap alternative to plastic sheet backing for moss poles? Look no further! Finding plastic sheeting for your DIY moss pole can be a pain! In this diy moss pole tutorial I show you an alternative. I show you how you can make a DIY plastic-backed moss pole using a readily available material that also happens to be FREE!

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“CHEAP and EASY alternative for Plastic Sheet Backed Moss Pole | The Leca Queen”

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:20 Advantages of plastic-backed moss pole
00:01:03 Plastic sheet alternative
00:03:37 How to use thin plastic sheet
00:03:58 Measuring out plastic sheets
00:05:39 Cutting plastic sheets
00:07:58 Making plastic sheet thicker
00:09:19 Making holes in the plastic sheeting moss pole tutorial

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  1. Nora made my first plastic backed today. Very happy. However to avoid drying out too quickly as it is very wide I added engorged water storing crystals .
    Have you used these before?
    Wasn’t sure how much to add in centre if miss, as it can’t be exposed .
    I have been using for years in the garden as we are always on water restrictions in summer here in Western Australia

  2. Hello, omg I absolutely love your channel! I m going from soil to leca and will start making my own tree fern fibre poles! Love you !

    I live in UK and couldn't find plastic sheets that I liked (… and if I did they are quite pricey! )

    I however had some laminating sheets randomly in my drawer and decided to iron them together without anything inside and they are quite sturdy for smaller poles! ( You can laminate it if you have a laminator – I don't ) , for bigger poles you can perhaps do 2 or more together. I know A4 is quite small but if you make sure you lay them correctly water will not spill out from the places they are joined. I believe you can buy bigger sizes should you need.

    I decided to try putting my plastic wall on the inside of the mesh for more stability plus it will make it easier to attach, reattach or change the pole for different one. What are your thoughts?

    Can I ask where do you get your poles or what kind are they ? Also doesn't the metal mesh and metal pole get rusty in the water ? Excuse if that's stupid question.

    Lastly, I'm happy to say the growing solution you use is available to buy in UK online which I'm happy about! X

  3. HooTown 5 Sheets Wire Shelf Liners Fit Wire Shelving Size 24 Inch x 14 Inch, Clear Frosted Hard Plastic Protector Mats for Metal Stainless Steel Garage, Cabinets, Kitchen Shelves, Shoe Rack

  4. I picked up some offcuts, but mostly narrow pieces, was about to discard, then realised I only needed one piece that was complete, I then layered the strips until I had 4 layers. Stapled now ready to complete process. I realised they will be covered with moss, nothing wasted!!

  5. Thanks as always Nora love your videos. I went to an Officeworks in Perth and they are going to save it for me and advise when available. they used to put it on the floor for people to take but it got messy and had little response.

  6. I used vinyl shelf protectors I had on hand. Flexible, won't give as much support, but thick enough to not tear. Can find them at almost any hardware store. Some of them have sheets they cut to length for you.

  7. Thanks a lot, Nora! I was hunting for an alternative in India and couldn't find large sheets on Amazon, but what seemed to be a decent replacement was clear PVC Fridge Drawer Mats – These are 30×20 cms and fairly thick, yet bendy. Maybe even PVC table mats would work in a pinch?

  8. Hello Great Video Sis here in the Usa i got mine in the Dollar tree in the section were they sell cook supply it suppose to be a cutting salad mat and is clear and thick the only thing is thas is like 12 x 12 but just in case it can be found in Dollar tree 🥰🥰🥰💙💙💙💙

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