An Interview with Lucian Matis in His Studio

# Lucian Matis: An Exploration of Creative Genius

In this riveting episode of myETVmedia, we explore the creative genius of the Canadian fashion designer, Lucian Matis. During a candid interview in his studio, Lucian opens up about the inspiration behind his collections.

### Drawing Inspiration from Everywhere

Inspiration strikes Lucian Matis in the most unexpected ways. Conversations with friends and random things that catch his eye often spark his creative process. He prides himself on being as novel as possible and creating new techniques. His passion for experimentation is evident in the collection showcased in this video.

### The Inspiration Behind Collection 13

The idea for Collection 13 of Matisse was sparked by the fabrics Lucian saw during a visit to Paris. The textures and mixes of natural fabrics and leather set the tone for a collection that is fresh, modern, elegant, and timeless.

### Beyond the Glamour: The Hard Work Behind the Scenes

Lucian Matis emphasizes the hard work that goes into every creation, beyond the glamour of fashion shows. His workdays often stretch beyond midnight as he and his team strive for excellence. While social issues and simplicity inspire his work, he also dreams big and is constantly learning and growing.

Don’t miss out on this captivating interview with a true creative genius. Watch the full video on [myETVmedia]( and explore more of Lucian Matis’ stunning creations on [Matis by Lucian Matis](

myETVmedia explores the creative genius of Lucian Matis.Lucian Matis.

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