André Lima’s Backstage with Claudinha Stoco

**Title: “Claudinha Stoco interviews models at André Lima’s SPFW runway – What will they take home?”**

Welcome to Claudinha Stoco’s backstage interviews at André Lima’s fashion show during São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW). In this video, Claudinha asks the models what item from the collection they would take home with them. Get exclusive insights into the latest trends and fashion moments from this incredible event!

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“Hi, [Music] hi, [Music]. We’re here backstage at André Lima’s fashion show and I’m here to talk to some models. I want to know what item from this collection they would take home with them, that piece that stood out and they would love to have. Let’s find out, shall we?

Because, personally, the one that fascinated me the most was Alexandre’s coat. My dress was knee-length with one sleeve. I can’t really explain the design, but it was beautiful, beautiful, and breathtaking. Today’s fashion is so versatile, and I think this coat from André Lima could be worn with anything. It’s definitely on-trend!

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Claudinha Stoco, do blog, perguntou para as modelos do desfile de André Lima o que elas levariam para casa desta coleção.

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