Andre’s Style Minute: Episode 4

**Title: Style Minute: 3 Key Outfits for Your Next Event | Fashion Tips & Shopping Guide**

Welcome back to *Style Minute*! In this episode, Andrews shares three perfect outfits to make a statement at your next event. Whether you’re attending a social gathering or a formal occasion, we’ve got you covered. From updated Little Black Dresses to tuxedo-inspired looks, we have curated a selection of stylish outfits that will leave you looking stunning.

**Outfit 1: Chic Tuxedo Vibes**
For a sophisticated and refined look, embrace the tuxedo vibe with this ensemble. Pair a trendy silk Equipment shirt, featuring a menswear-inspired bow tie, with Alice and Olivia pants that add a feminine touch with their ruffled sides. Complete the outfit with a stunning metal mesh bag, ensuring you’re party-ready.

**Outfit 2: Powerful Jumpsuit in Red**
Make a bold statement with this power color. The Greta Constantine jumpsuit offers simplicity and elegance. Its off-shoulder design adds a touch of allure. Enhance the look with a statement necklace or earrings and top it off with sky-high heels for a chic and comfortable style.

**Outfit 3: Amped Little Black Dress**
Everyone knows that a little black dress is a fashion must-have. Take it up a notch with this three Floor dress. Featuring feather and organza clown sleeves, as well as an intricate lace overlay, this dress is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

**Shop the Looks:**
You can find all these fabulous outfits at [Andrews & Co.]( Visit our website to explore a wide range of designer and luxury clothing options that will make you feel like a fashion icon at any event.

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Andrews’ fourth episode of Style Minute focuses on key outfits to consider when going to an event. We cover everything from an updated LBD to a tuxedo-inspired look.

Brands featured: Greta Constantine, Alice and Olivia, Three Floor, Equipment, Simon Sebagg Designs, Whiting and Davis, Margo Morrison NYC

Shop these looks in-stores or online at andrewsco.comGreta Constantine

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