Angus Smythe’s Unfiltered Rant: Candid Thoughts from a Photographer

# Random Rant of Angus Smythe Photographer of TWELVE Magazine at New York Fashion Week |
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In this captivating video, producer/journalist Charlii Sebunya takes us behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with photographer Angus Smythe from TWELVE Magazine. Join Charlii as she uncovers Angus’ random rants about runway conduct, offering advice on how to behave in the front row. Filmed by the talented Andrew Marfoli, this exclusive interview provides an insider’s perspective on the fashion industry.

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## What is the “uncross your legs” trend?

Whether you’re a seasoned fashion enthusiast or a newbie attending your first fashion show, Charlii and Angus reveal the unspoken rule of uncrossing your legs. This global trend has gained popularity across the fashion capitals of Paris, Milan, and now, New York City (NYC). Angus sheds light on the importance of keeping your feet back, especially on small, narrow runways. He explains how crossing your legs in the front row not only ruins every shot for photographers and videographers but also disrespects the designers who have put heart and soul into their creations.

Remember, by following this simple etiquette, you might snag a front row seat at the next big fashion event!

## Meet the talented personalities behind the scenes

Charlii Sebunya, a renowned producer/journalist, hosts this riveting interview, digging deep into the world of fashion with photographer Angus Smythe of TWELVE Magazine. As a respected authority in the industry, Angus shares his perspective on runway conduct and offers valuable advice to aspiring photographers.

Don’t miss Andrew Marfoli’s stunning cinematography, capturing the essence of New York Fashion Week!

Executive produced by Adriana Kaegi, a pioneer in the fashion and entertainment industry, with years of experience in curating memorable experiences.

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Random Rant of Angus Smythe Photographer of TWELVE Magazine at New York Fashion week, by producer/journalist Charlii Sebunya for and
Filmed by Andrew Marfoli.
Exec.Producer Adriana KaegiSmythe

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