Ann-marie Vaux Teaches the Basics of Positional Stamping in Papercrafting, Episode #03

Join Ann-marie in her beginner’s guide to the wonderful world of papercraft! In this video, she will be teaching you about positional die-cutting and rubber stamping, two popular techniques in paper crafting.

For this tutorial, Ann-marie will be using the Crash – Apple Blossom range from the Tropical Blooms collection. This set includes coordinating stamps and dies, making it easy to create beautifully cut shapes. She will also be using a stamping mat to ensure a clean and precise stamp.

To begin, Ann-marie will choose a rubber stamp from the set and position it on her acrylic block. She will then use a midnight blue Stay-Open ink pad to apply ink to the stamp, ensuring full coverage. Using a stamping mat for added pressure, she will then stamp the image onto a blank card.

Next, Ann-marie will take the corresponding die and position it over the stamped image, matching the shape. To secure the die in place, she will use a piece of paper craft masking tape. She will then run the card and die through a die-cutting machine to create a perfect cut.

The result is a stunning die-cut flower that perfectly matches the stamped image. Ann-marie demonstrates how easy it is to achieve this result by using positional stamping and die-cutting.

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Thank you for watching this tutorial on positional die-cutting and rubber stamping. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out. Stay tuned for more exciting crafting tutorials.

Join Ann-marie in her beginner’s guide to the world of papercraft!

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