Apuesta por la reactivación del sector moda: El Tiempo en Vivo presenta Bogotá Fashion Week.

## Bogotá Fashion Week 2020: Digital Edition
Welcome to the official YouTube channel of El Tiempo, where you can find the latest news and updates. In this video, we bring you breaking news about the highly anticipated Bogotá Fashion Week. Over 130 designers and brands, from emerging to established, will be participating in this year’s virtual edition of the event.

Organized by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, this fashion week aims to support the recovery of the fashion industry and position Bogotá as a fashion capital, both nationally and internationally. The event will feature a diverse lineup of designers, international guests, and academic discussions, making it a must-watch for all fashion enthusiasts.

We are joined by special guests, including María Paz Gaviria (Manager of Platforms, Bogotá Chamber of Commerce), Fabián Hirose (Curator, Bogotá Fashion Week), Jorge Duque Senador (Fashion Designer), and Camila Villamil (Fashion Journalist). They share insights into the event’s strategy, inclusion of designers, and new trends in the fashion industry.

This year’s Bogotá Fashion Week focuses on inclusion, diversity, and sustainability. The agenda includes a wide range of events and presentations, showcasing the richness of Colombian culture, sustainable fashion practices, and designs for all body types and genders. As part of the event, there will be retail platforms, outlet sales, and wholesale opportunities for designers to promote and sell their collections.

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Noticias de último momento: Más de 130 diseñadores y marcas emprendedoras, emergentes y consolidadas participarán en la edición virtual del evento.

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