Armando Takeda: The Mexican-Japanese Fashion Designer | by America Bobadilla

# Armando Takeda – A Designer Celebrating Mexican Artisans

Armando Takeda is a half-Japanese half-Mexican fashion designer, who has been creating some stunning collections in Mexico. In this video, América Bobadilla talks about Armando Takeda, his journey, and his collaboration with Mexican artisans.

## Background

Armando Takeda was born in Mexico City in 1983 and has worked with some iconic fashion brands like McQueen and Hugo Boss. After gaining experience in London and Japan, he returned to Mexico in 2013 to establish his fashion brand.

## Collaboration with Mexican Artisans

Armando Takeda is known for his collaboration with Mexican artisans. He spends months with local communities and shares his knowledge with them. He introduces them to new techniques, helps them improve their work, and pays them fair prices for their creations.

## His Vision

Takeda’s fashion pieces are not only vanguardist in style, but also celebrate Mexican culture and traditions. He uses the finest quality textiles from around the world and combines them with unique artisanal creations. His work has caught the attention of global markets.

## Supporting Local Communities

Aside from his incredible designs, Takeda also contributes to local economies and supports the artisans he works with. A part of his company’s sales goes to the communities he works with.

## Conclusion

Thanks to collaborations like the one between Armando Takeda and Mexican artisans, fashion has become a tool for preserving traditional cultures and creating sustainable economies. By supporting designers like Takeda, we can contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and create meaningful social change.

To learn more about Armando Takeda, visit his website: [](

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Armando Takeda

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Written by America Bobadilla

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