Backstage at Amapo Spring/Summer 2014: Sao Paulo Fashion Week SPFW on FashionTV

# Amapo Spring/Summer 2014 BACKSTAGE | Sao Paulo Fashion Week SPFW


Welcome to the exhilarating world of fashion at Amapo Spring/Summer 2014 backstage during Sao Paulo Fashion Week SPFW. Against a beautiful leafy backdrop, our models are preparing for the highly-anticipated Amapo show. Be prepared to be amazed as intricate electric blue and black eyeliner enhances their eyes, adding a touch of mystique to their looks.

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Amapo Spring/Summer 2014 BACKSTAGE | Sao Paulo Fashion Week SPFW SAO PAULO – Against a leafy backdrop, the models are getting ready backstage for the Amapo show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014.Intricate electric blue and black eyeliner is lined on the eyes.

Appearances: Alexia Bellini




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