Backstage at Montreal Fashion Week 19: David Dixon’s Spring 2011 Hair Styling

# [Montreal Fashion Week 2011: David Dixon Studio Spring Presentation](

In this exciting video, step into the world of haute couture as we take you backstage at the David Dixon Studio Spring 2011 Presentation during Montreal Fashion Week. Get an exclusive look at the expert styling techniques and hair trends brought to you by P&G Beauty, specifically their Pantene brand.

Witness the stunning models, including the beautiful daughter of a famous celebrity, as they showcase the latest women’s wear designs by renowned fashion designer David Dixon. With his collection, Dixon brings a fresh and vibrant approach to spring fashion.

The video features a detailed transcript, allowing you to follow along and learn valuable hairstyling tips. Discover how to achieve the trendy and effortless “uncapped but still up” look with simple knots and pins, as demonstrated by the Pantene expert.

To create this look, the Pantene expert recommends using a mousse to add texture to the hair, making it easier to style. Additionally, a new and surprising product, a finishing spray specially designed for fine hair, is used for control and a flawless finish.

Join Lisa from Your Closet as she interviews the Pantene expert and gain insights into the styling process. With Lisa’s charming and enthusiastic approach, you’ll not only learn about the latest hair trends but also get a taste of the excitement surrounding the David Dixon Studio Spring 2011 Presentation.

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For more information about Montreal Fashion Week, visit their official website [here](

For more information about David Dixon and his designs, visit his official website [here](

Montreal, Monday, September 27, 2010, 6:30 pm
David Dixon Studio Spring 2011 Presentation
Marche Bonsecours
Backstage with the experts of P&G BeautyDavid Dixon

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