Backstage do Fashion Rio: Helô Rocha, estilista da Têca, brilha intensamente

# **Patrícia Koslinski Backstage** | Helô Rocha e o esmalte Khaki Rose da Chanel

**Welcome to the backstage of Têca fashion brand**! Join me, Patrícia Koslinski, as I bring you the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of my live debut on the GNT channel. Excitement fills the air as I stumble upon a fascinating moment with renowned fashion designer, Helô Rocha.

Witness the unexpected as I catch Helô Rocha applying the same Khaki Rose nail polish that the models will flaunt on the runway. This subtle shade of light brown from Chanel effortlessly adds an elegant touch to the upcoming collection.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of fashion as we explore the fashionable collaboration between Helô Rocha and Têca at Fashion Rio. From stunning designs to impeccable attention to detail, this event promises to inspire your wardrobe choices.

So, whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone seeking nail polish trends, this video is a perfect fit for you. Join me in this interplay between fashion and beauty as we uncover the secrets behind Helô Rocha’s impeccable fashion sense and her choice of the Khaki Rose nail polish from Chanel.

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Eu estava no backstage da grife Têca aguardando minha primeira entrada ao vivo de quinta-feira no canal GNT, quando flagrei a estilista Helô Rocha fazendo as unhas com o mesmo esmalte que as modelos exibiriam. A cor é um marrom clarinho chamado Khaki Rose, da Chanel.
Helo Rocha

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