Backstage Exclusive with João Pimenta

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[Fort Magazine /]( showcases the best of music with Zopelar’s latest track, “Neighborhood Sucks” available on [SoundCloud]( Join us as we take you behind the scenes of São Paulo Fashion Week 2018 for an exclusive interview with designer João Pimenta and an immersive experience of the fashion extravaganza. Featuring insightful discussions with industry experts Thiago Ferraz and Leandro Bevilacqua, this video captures the essence of SPFW and offers a glimpse into the vibrant fashion culture of Brazil. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey through São Paulo’s fashion scene.

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**Discover the pulsating fashion scene of São Paulo with [Fort Magazine](!**

Experience the electrifying São Paulo Fashion Week 2018 like never before. Dive into the vibrant fashion culture of Brazil as we delve into exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes moments from this dazzling event.

In this captivating video, designer João Pimenta steals the spotlight with his unique creations, captivating the fashion world. Go deep into the mind of one of Brazil’s most talented designers and get inspired by his innovative vision.

Join industry insiders Thiago Ferraz and Leandro Bevilacqua as they provide insightful discussions on the ever-evolving fashion landscape of Brazil. Gain valuable knowledge and perspectives from these renowned experts, guiding you through the exciting world of fashion.

Feel the rhythm of the city with the pulsating beats of Zopelar’s latest track, “Neighborhood Sucks.” Immerse yourself in the music with this energetic soundtrack that perfectly accompanies the electrifying atmosphere of São Paulo Fashion Week.

Get ready to be enthralled by the energy and creativity that permeate São Paulo’s fashion scene. Don’t miss out on this immersive journey through SPFW 2018, where style meets substance and innovation knows no bounds.

[Join us now and experience the fashion extravaganza of São Paulo Fashion Week 2018!](source-link)

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