Basic Techniques for Autorotation.

# Captain David Dixon’s Complete Helicopter Flying Lessons – Ex. 7 Auto Rotations with Full Rotative Touchdown

Are you ready to learn the basics of flying a Robinson R22 helicopter? In this video series, Captain David Dixon will guide you through Basic Lessons 1-9. In this particular lesson, Exercise 7, you’ll learn all about auto rotations, and follow up with a full auto rotative touchdown.


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Aircraft safety is always the top priority when flying, and this course guides you on how to do it properly. You’ll learn to conduct pre-flight checks such as ensuring the security harness is secure and engines temperatures and pressures are in the green before you take off.

You’ll also learn how to maneuver the R22 helicopter with ease. In this exercise, you’ll practice engine failure with a full auto rotation touchdown. To start, you’ll conduct a practice engine failure with verbal warning, and then go into a steady state of auto-rotation while controlling the rotor rpm with the lever and visual attitude with the cyclic.

60 knots rotor rpm in the center of the green band is what you’re looking for to achieve the right fundamentals. Discover the proper height and angle of flare and cushioning touchdown. You’ll get a chance to practice this again on a further auto-rotation with engine rotor management.

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### Transcript:

Right exercise seven auto rotations which we’re going to follow with a full auto rotative touchdown on the bottom first hazel checks height one thousand feet area is the grass field security harness secure no leaks articles hedges secure engine temperatures and pressures all in the green warning lights carb
Heat has now come out to full and l for lookout making sure we are all clear below aircraft is into wind and we now want our verbal warning which is practice engine failure so here we go practice engine failure go down with the lever fully right pedal to
Stop the nose yawing and keep it straight off cyclic which has raised the nose to look for the 60 knot attitude we’re now coming down in a steady state of auto rotation rotor rpm being controlled with the lever and the attitude which is a visual attitude very important control with the cyclic
60 knots rotor rpm in the center of the green band looking for our flare height now keeping the aircraft coming down all the time closing the throttle because we’re definitely going to get in looking for the flare height flaring the aircraft holding it there leveling and then cushioning the touchdown with the lever
And remembering to keep the aircraft straight for the pedals now if we have a look at that from the outside it’s interesting to note the position of the flare the flare now tightens up continues to be tightened up the aircraft’s been leveled and the touchdown is cushioned with the lever
Here we are back in the air again for a further auto rotation to demonstrate engine rotor management so here we go correct this engine failure go lever fully down noting the engine rotor needle split engine settling down at about 60 to 65 percent rotor rpm being kept in the green by use
Of the lever note the air speed 60 knots now if we look across to the left you’ll see the rate of descent on the rcdi is showing 15 to 1600 feet a minute now let’s have a look and see what happens if i raise the lever too much watch those rotor rpm
Down at the bottom of the green and there we are the low rotor warning horn and the light what do we do about that first immediate reaction lower the lever fully and i think you’ll note those rotor rpm have regained into the green and even into the amber bend .

Captain David Dixon giving basic lessons in flying a Robinson R22 helicopter. Lessons 1 – 9.
Exercise 7.David Dixon

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