Battle of Coven versus Tribes: Wicca pitted against Gypsy

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In this video, we will be discussing the difference between covens and tribes in the magical world, as well as exploring the distinctions between Wicca and Gypsies. Whether you are practicing alone or looking to join a group, understanding these classifications is essential.

Let’s start with the definition of a coven. A coven is typically a small group, but it can vary in size. Sometimes a coven is just one small group, while other times it may consist of multiple smaller groups that come together to form a larger community, similar to a tribe. It’s important to note that covens are not limited to 13 people, as some books may suggest. The size and structure of a coven can differ, depending on the beliefs and practices of the group.

Covens gather to celebrate holy days and rites of passage within the cycle of life. These can include the Wheel of the Year, which follows the sun’s lifespan throughout the different seasons, as well as the 13 moons in a year. Additionally, covens come together for events like handfastings and to support their members during challenging times.

When it comes to learning magic within a coven, it varies from group to group. Some covens may provide guidance and classes on various magical practices, such as Tarot or candle magic. Others may encourage members to seek out their own learning experiences, offering resources through associated bookstores or reading materials. In some covens, there may be stricter guidelines and requirements for advancing in magical studies, leading to degrees and the potential to become a high priest or high priestess.

Now, let’s discuss the difference between Wicca and Gypsies. This comparison goes beyond which is better, as it is subjective and up to you to decide. Instead, we will explore the distinctions between these two classifications.

It’s important to note that Wicca and Gypsies are not interchangeable terms. Wicca refers to a modern pagan witchcraft religion, incorporating elements of nature worship, ceremonial magic, and the worship of a goddess and god. On the other hand, Gypsies are an ethnic group with a rich history and culture, known for their nomadic lifestyle and distinct traditions. While there may be individuals who identify as both Wiccan and Gypsy, these terms represent different aspects of spirituality and cultural identity.

In summary, understanding the differences between covens and tribes, as well as Wicca and Gypsies, can provide valuable insights into the world of magic and spiritual practices. Whether you are seeking a community or prefer to practice alone, knowing these distinctions will help you navigate your own path.

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Coven vs Tribes Wicca vs Gypsy
What is a coven, what is a tribe? What is the difference between Wicca & Gypsies?

JUST ASK – A coven that is also a tribe or gypsy group should not just advertise themselves to you as a simple coven. You should ask if your group or coven is associated with a larger tribe or can consider that tribe a gypsy band.

Why do you want a coven or tribe that does not support itself with CRIME? Eventually they will expect or ask you to be part of the crimes they do to support themselves or at the least support their crimes with your silence.

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  1. I sometimes get together with 2 friends for ritual. We call our little group a "Clan" since it is just the 3 of us. We are all taking the same online distance training program and come together at moon/sabbats. We didn't really start to consider ourselves to be a very organically formed Coven until all 3 of us had achieved 1st Degree. We cannot always have all 3 of us together because of work/family life. When we meet up it is at my place because I have a room set aside just for ritual and ritual supplies and a temple library. I have always been a solitary witch who maintained a private "Shrine" . My Clan when we became "official" decided we are "Bird's Nest Shrine"

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