[Beauty Challenge] Han Ye-seul’s Cat Makeup – [BeautyAttack] Makeup Challenge

# 무늬만 대한민국 공식미녀(ft. 미스코리아), 메이크업 흙손 소희

Welcome to the latest episode of “Makeup Challenge”! In this exciting video, we have Sohee, a former Miss Korea, who may look glamorous but struggles with makeup skills. Joining her is Myoung Ah, a renowned makeup artist from Cheongdam-dong, known for her creativity and expertise.

In this episode, these two brave ladies take on the challenge of recreating Han Yeseul’s stunning cat eye makeup. Known for her mesmerizing beauty, Han Yeseul’s cat eye look is trendy and highly sought after. Sohee, who considers herself a novice in makeup, is determined to transform herself into a fierce feline beauty, despite her doubts.

With her canine-like features, Sohee faces an uphill battle in achieving the perfect cat eye look. Will she succeed in this seemingly impossible task? Join us on this thrilling makeup journey and find out!

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![BGM Artist]( – [MBB – Wake Up](
![BGM Artist]( – [MarKoo – Daydreamer](
![BGM Artist]( – [Tobu – Colors](

Let the music add to the excitement as you enjoy this makeup challenge. Thank you for tuning in!

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무늬만 대한민국 공식미녀(ft. 미스코리아), 메이크업 흙손 소희
자칭타칭 청담동 금손 메이크업 아티스트 명아의
좌충우돌 트렌디 메이크업 도전기

‘도전! 메이크업 챌린지’

그녀들의 첫번째 도전 메이크업 주제는
‘한예슬 고양이 메이크업’

개(?)상을 지녔다는 미코 출신 소희의
고양이상 변신 도전기

상아색이 최애하신다는 ㅋㅋㅋ
소희의 포복절도 한예슬 메이크업 도전은
과연 어디로 흘러갈 것인지~

재밌게 보시고 구독, 좋아요, 댓글 부탁드려요~^^

Song : MBB – Wake Up
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Track : MarKoo – Daydreamer
Music by MarKoo ,
Music Promoted by DayDreamsound
Song : 기분이 좋아
Follow Artist : Maypop(2nd. EP)
Music Producer : 재석(윤석재)
Track : 뒤뚱뒤뚱
Music by 브금대통령
Music provided by 브금대통령
Watch :
Music: Tobu – Colors
Released by NCS
BGM 감사합니다~^^

Sohee, a former Miss Korea but meretricious beauty, is all thumbs with makeup
Myoung Ah, the self-titled and also renowned as a ‘Cheongdam-dong crafty makeup artist’
Chaotic trendy makeup challenges with Sohee & Myoung Ah

‘Let’s Try Makeup Challenge’

The very first subject for the makeup challenge is
‘Cat eye makeup’ of Han Yeseul who is a famous Korean actress with matchless beauty look like a cat

The seemingly impossible challenge to a cat eye makeup of Sohee who has a dog face

No one knows how this crazy challenge goes to end by Sohee~

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