Beginner’s Guide to Wet Shaving: Using the Phoenix Shaving Starter Kit with Douglas Smythe

## How To Wet Shave: Phoenix Shaving Starter Kit Overview

Looking to switch to traditional wet shaving? Look no further than the Phoenix Shaving Starter Kit, as demonstrated by shaving expert Douglas Smythe in this quick and easy tutorial. This kit is perfect for beginners or anyone looking to upgrade their shaving routine.

In this video, Smythe provides an overview of the kit and shares his tips and tricks for getting the perfect wet shave. For more in-depth tutorials and expert advice, check out our channel’s other How To videos.

The Phoenix Shaving Starter Kit includes a safety razor, 3-piece razor, and vintage razor, as well as artisan shave soap, the deliciously scented Space Soap, and the infamous Douglas Smythe Scandal.

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Filmed, directed, and edited by Ryan Steven Green.

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Welcome folks to How To Wet Shave!

Today Douglas Smythe takes a look at the all new Phoenix Shaving Starter Kit and gives you a quick run down on the basics.

This short vid is both an overview of the kit and a quick and dirty starter tutorial to get you started off on the right foot. For even more in depth tutorials please check out our other How To, Tips, Tricks and Hacks Videos on our channel…subscribe too and never miss any new content!

Thanks for your support and please visit for all your wet shaving needs!

Filmed, Directed and Edited by Ryan Steven GreenSmythe

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Written by Douglas Smythe


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  1. Kind of off-topic, I noticed the “Hotel Cecil” products on your web-site and had no idea what it was referring to. Color me embarrassed, I grew up in Southern California and had never heard of the Cecil Hotel. I had an interesting Thanksgiving watching Hotel Cecil videos on YouTube. I also did web searches for the other products on your site. Thanks for keeping things intriguing.

  2. Though Voschod blades are made in my hometown, I don’t get why Americans love them, I’m more into green Astra or BIC platinum. Tried couple of Phoenix products and got the Solar flare brush. Nowadays it’s will be very hard to get them and especially not cheap here in Russia. Great branding and vintage style, not to mention the quality, wish you the best!

  3. Douglas, great products you have at PAA. I really like the Diver Down. I really appreciated the humor in the video, have you thought about a collaboration video with some other YouTube wet shavers that try your products often like Mark Szorady or Ken Surfs? Maybe a side by side shave where you gents discuss new products?

  4. I'm gonna suprise my older brother with the Gondolier kit for Christmas & I'm hoping he gets along well with it! For a while, he's been shaving with & probably still does, a Braun electric shaver that cleans in a special fluid.
    I have no idea if he's ever used a cartridge razor!!

  5. Just want to let you know I absolutely love your products I am also in Phoenix if you are hiring let me know I would love to work in this Industry thanks i’m such a big wet shaving enthusiast.

  6. One bit of advice I would give newbies if you have a blade in it already and the head is on a little tight put a towel over it when you unscrew in case it breaks loose and slips. Trust me I cut my finger really bad that way once and I use a towel every time now.

  7. Been wet shaving for some time (DE Safety R and Straight R) and this is a Great video with nice detail. Really loving your stuff. Top notch. What a very nice kit to start with. Dig the packaging touches too. Great job !

  8. from all products i used so far PAA is by far my favorite if only we could get all PAA products here in the netherlands i was looking for the preshave pucks / sticks but we cant get them here in the netherlands ( europe )

  9. Great video , glad to see a "truth" about shower or warm cloth who softens the hairs and not the myth of "opening pores". I don't know why (maybe the haircut) but you look younger than usually on this vid. I'm a fan of your products: shaving soaps, aftershaves, razors, they are all great and affordable.
    Happy new year (from France)

  10. Great video! Quick question: isn’t blooming more suited for a hard puck soap like a triple milled puck? A softer soap doesn’t really need blooming typically IMHO.

  11. Kinda went Silence of the Lambs there at 4:15 "Just remember don't press down as you would a plastic cartridge razor…" Great kit, but where is one for the Cowboy fans? You got the Green Bay in this one, why not the Cowboy Star Craft in another? In all seriousness tho, if giving as a gift, the Green Ray shirt would also be a great add on to this kit as well.

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