Behind the Scenes of “La Ruana” FW18 with Adriana Santacruz

**Colección FW18 “La Ruana” – Adriana Santacruz: Exploring Timelessness and the Allure of the Future**

In this captivating fashion video, delve into a collection that pays homage to ancient times while capturing the essence of the present and the yearning for what lies ahead.

Photographer extraordinaire, Zico Rodríguez skillfully captures the mesmerizing beauty of model María Jacob, who embodies the visionary designs of Adriana Santacruz. Styled by the renowned Style Over Ink, every look exudes sophistication and showcases the intricate craftsmanship that defines Colombian designers.

From the runways of Bogota Fashion Week, Adriana Santacruz brings forth a groundbreaking lineup that merges fashion with spirit. With a fusion of local identity, traditional crafts, and contemporary design, this collection represents the epitome of Colombian fashion innovation.

As you witness this awe-inspiring video, immerse yourself in the world of “La Ruana” and the designer’s commitment to slow fashion. Adriana Santacruz takes pride in creating consciously and with social responsibility, making her designs a statement of awareness in the fashion industry.

Join the ranks of fashion enthusiasts and discover the enchanting allure of Colombia’s visionary designer, Adriana Santacruz. Step into a realm where fashion meets tradition, and each creation embraces the spirit of timelessness.


Colección inspirada en los tiempos inmemoriales, la contemplación del presente y el añoro del futuro.

Photographer: Zico Rodríguez | Styling: Style Over Ink | Model: María Jacob | Make Up & Hair: Sol Pabón
FW18 “La Ruana” – Adriana Santacruz
Adriana Santacruz

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