Birks X Greta Constantine: A Collaboration Celebrating Love.

# Celebrate Love and Nature with the Birks X Greta Constantine Collaboration

Discover a delightful and imaginative collaboration between two iconic Canadian brands, Birks and Greta Constantine. In this video, we highlight a celebration of love and nature through a collection of breathtaking jewelry and dresses.

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Established in 1879, Birks is a brand known for its exquisite and elegant jewelry. Its collaboration with Greta Constantine, a brand built on impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, resulted in a special and unforgettable collection.

The Dare To Dream dress was one of the most impressive designs that Greta Constantine created for this collaboration. It’s a modern piece that has a unique appeal, thanks to its underskirt’s actual mesh Motif. The motif’s design came from the ceiling of Birks’ first bookstore in Montreal, making it a sustainable piece of fashion.

The North Star dress, on the other hand, represents adventure and fun. It adds to the North Star jewelry piece, which is set in five-prongs and represents the five points of a star. The Berks blue dress, with its signature color and sea-and-sky inspiration, adds a touch of color while remaining classic.

Overall, each jewelry and dress piece has a fantastic story behind it that combines the brands’ history and special moments. You’ll be fantasizing about a beautiful jewelry piece and dress pairing, and the collaboration between Birks and Greta Constantine offers a chance to make that fantasy come true.

Are you looking to celebrate a special moment? Discover the Birks X Greta Constantine collaboration today and find inspiration for your next occasion.

Check out the full video transcript to learn more about this unique collaboration.

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