Bloomingdale’s, Gap, Aldo bank on pink merchandise

Bloomingdale’s: Tapping into the Barbie Buzz

In an effort to cash in on the excitement surrounding the release of the new “Barbie” movie, retailers like Bloomingdale’s are offering exclusive Barbie-inspired apparel and accessories. Bloomingdale’s has set up a pop-up shop in its flagship store in Manhattan, complete with a life-sized Barbie box where shoppers can pose for photos. The retailer also has a collection of Barbie-themed clothing and accessories from its private label, Aqua. Other retailers, including Aldo and Gap, have also jumped on the Barbie bandwagon with their own collections. This move comes as retailers are trying to entice shoppers to pay full price amid weaker sales of discretionary items and rising expenses.

The Power of Pink

Retailers are hoping that the Barbie buzz will help boost sales of nonessential items and bring back the excitement of in-store shopping. With a splash of hot pink, retailers are appealing to customers’ desires to indulge in childhood nostalgia and treat themselves to something special. Barbie-themed merchandise offers a sense of happiness and escapism, allowing shoppers to momentarily forget about their practical concerns. Brands like Aldo and Bloomingdale’s have seen success with their Barbie collections, with some items selling out within hours. By offering a range of products at various price points, retailers are ensuring that everyone can have a piece of the Barbie magic.

Barbie’s Resurgence

Barbie’s popularity goes beyond just the release of the new movie. The brand taps into nostalgia and offers a sense of comfort and optimism in a chaotic world. Shoppers are drawn to Barbie’s iconic image, which represents both perfection and empowerment. The contradictory nature of the brand adds to its cultural appeal. Retailers like Bloomingdale’s are capitalizing on Barbie’s enduring legacy and using it as a way to attract customers and create memorable shopping experiences. Barbie-themed merchandise allows shoppers to embrace their inner child and indulge in a bit of whimsy and nostalgia.

Other Pop Culture Collaborations

Brands like Coach have also found success in collaborations inspired by pop culture. By partnering with beloved brands, celebrities, and artists, retailers are able to reach new audiences and create buzz around their products. Coach, for example, has collaborated with Disney, Peanuts, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, among others. These partnerships not only attract new customers but also encourage them to pay higher price points. While some brands have seen a temporary boost from collaborations, the key is to create long-term sustainability and build a loyal customer base. Retailers like Bloomingdale’s have found success in this strategy by carefully selecting partnerships and measuring their impact on customer engagement and sales.


The Barbie buzz is sweeping the retail industry, with retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Aldo, and Gap offering exclusive Barbie-themed merchandise. By capitalizing on nostalgia, retailers are able to entice shoppers to indulge in nonessential items and escape the practicalities of daily life. Barbie’s enduring legacy and cultural appeal make it a powerful brand that resonates across generations. The success of Barbie collaborations and pop culture partnerships shows the importance of offering unique and trendy merchandise to attract customers and drive sales. As retailers continue to navigate a changing retail landscape, tapping into pop culture trends may just be the ticket to staying relevant and capturing consumers’ attention.

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