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In this video, you will witness a fusion of Japanese gastronomy and fashion designs that will be showcased in the upcoming Círculo de la Moda event in Bogotá. Two talented designers have creatively combined haute couture dresses with delicious food, resulting in a unique blend of colors and textures. It’s a feast for the eyes!

Some designers drew inspiration from nature to bring their dresses to life, infusing them with vibrant colors and structures. The fusion of fashion and food is truly an art form, and you’ll see it firsthand in this video.

Join us on Wednesday, May 9th for the complete coverage of the four-day Círculo de la Moda event. You won’t be able to resist this tempting collection, designed for the young, dynamic, and active woman. Get ready to experience geometric shapes, structures, and stylish coats.

Experience the perfect blend of fashion and gastronomy in this extraordinary event!

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