BubbleGun on B-TV – March 21, 2011

**Title: BubbleGun Increases in Popularity – Aarghu! Exclusive Report Reveals New Details**


Welcome to the exciting world of BubbleGun! In this exclusive report, join both Tomášes as they delve into the captivating story behind BubbleGun’s skyrocketing popularity. Get ready to be mesmerized by the fascinating revelations unveiled in the final moments of this video! Filmed at the renowned Komiksový Krám in Brno, this footage will leave you craving for more.

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BubbleGun, TV, Vlna, Brno, 21/03/2011


*[Begin Transcript]*

00:00 – Introduction to BubbleGun and its recent surge in popularity.

00:25 – Reporter Tomáš 1 interviews BubbleGun’s creator, offering insights into the inspiration behind the imaginative world of BubbleGun.

01:10 – Tomáš 2 steps into the spotlight, uncovering the secrets of BubbleGun’s unique gameplay mechanics and how it captures the hearts of players.

02:05 – Exclusive footage of BubbleGun enthusiasts at Komiksový Krám in Brno, savoring the enchanting atmosphere and engaging with the game.

03:15 – As the report reaches its climax, both Tomášes reveal shocking details about BubbleGun’s upcoming updates and expansions, leaving viewers in awe.

03:50 – Conclusion and invitation to join the ever-growing BubbleGun community.

*[End Transcript]*

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BubbleGun se svezl na popularitě Aarghu! a díky reportáži obou Tomášů se o něm dozvíme v posledních vteřinách 😀 Točeno v Komiksovém kráme v Brně ;)Fábula Rasa

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Written by Kocour Komiksák

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