Burncoose Nurseries: The Art of Pruning Magnolia


How to Prune Magnolias for Healthy Flowering – Burncoose Nurseries


Learn proper pruning techniques for magnolias to enhance the health and blooming of your trees. In this informative video, we demonstrate step-by-step instructions on how to effectively prune magnolias without sacrificing next year’s flowers.

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Pruning magnolias is essential for maintaining the balance of energy distribution within the tree. Magnolias, especially tree magnolias, tend to develop large water shoots that divert energy away from the flowering process. By pruning these water shoots during the dormant season, you can redirect the energy towards producing beautiful and vibrant flowers.

At Burncoose Nurseries, we specialize in offering expert advice and tips for all your gardening needs. Our experienced horticulturists will guide you through the pruning process to improve the overall health and longevity of your magnolia tree.


– 0:00 Introduction
– 0:30 Understanding the impact of water shoots on flower production
– 1:15 Proper timing for pruning
– 2:00 Step-by-step pruning instructions
– 3:30 Benefits of pruning for tree health and longevity


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How to prune Magnolias –
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  1. We have a Magnolia that has one set of water-shoots, right in the centre. The branch that is shooting goes right down to a main branch coming off low on the main trunk. What would be the best way to eradicate the water-shoots?

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