Carmen Lucila Osorno assumes presidency at DirecTV Colombia

**Title: DirectTV en Colombia – Carmen Lucila Osorno, Presidenta de DirecTV Colombia**

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Welcome to DirecTV Colombia, a leading provider of high-quality television services in the country. In this video, Carmen Lucila Osorno, the president of DirecTV Colombia, shares some exciting updates and insights about our company.

Over the past year, we have witnessed remarkable growth in our campaign, doubling our customer base and increasing loyalty to unprecedented levels. This achievement is incredibly important to us, as it reflects our ability to deliver on our promise of exceptional service. We have been able to do this by constantly innovating and introducing cutting-edge technologies.

One of the highlights has been our commitment to enhancing the viewing experience through advanced technological features. Our dedication to bringing the latest in 3D technology to our customers is evident. While there may be a slight delay in the rollout of 3D technology, we are working tirelessly to ensure its availability soon.

At DirecTV Colombia, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the highest quality television. We are passionate about providing Colombian viewers with top-notch entertainment, and we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and customer satisfaction. With 30 million subscribers worldwide, our global presence allows us to constantly adapt to emerging technological advancements.

In this video, Carmen Lucila Osorno discusses the exciting developments in our lineup, including exclusive coverage of sports leagues and the expansion of our content offerings. We are committed to staying ahead of the competition and continuously expanding our services to meet the diverse interests of our valued customers.

Join us on this journey as we explore the possibilities of premium television and immerse ourselves in the passion of gaming and entertainment. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive announcements from DirecTV Colombia in the coming days.


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DirectTV en Colombia.
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