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# Antropofagia: The Brazilian Artistic Movement Explained

In art, inspiration is a powerful force. But in Brazil’s Antropofagia movement, inspiration takes on a new meaning. In this artistic movement, one artist “eats” the work of another, using it as inspiration for their own unique creation. Want to learn how this cannibalistic creativity influenced Carolina Sepúlveda’s spring/summer 2017 collection, showcased at Cali Exposhow 2016?

Join Raquel Ravelo for an exclusive interview with Sepúlveda on Mint&Fancy’s blog. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this collection, from the antropofagia technique that inspired it to the designer’s own influences. From Brazilian designers to Rolling Stones music, Sepúlveda finds inspiration everywhere.

You’ll discover how Sepúlveda used the cover of the book “Macunaíma,” a literary masterpiece of Brazilian modernism, as the inspiration for her unique collection. Through her designs, you’ll see how she blended the indigenous and European elements of Brazil’s culture into a visually stunning collection.

Ready to learn more about Antropofagia and fashion? Check out this video transcript for a complete rundown of the interview and discover more on Raquel Ravelo’s Tumblr page!

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| Antropofagia | Movimiento artístico brasileño que se basa en un canibalismo creativo donde un artista se inspira por otro, “comiendo” el diseño original para hacer una versión propia y única. Esta fue la técnica en la que se basó Carolina Sepúlveda para su colección primavera verano 2017, presentada en la pasarela del Cali Exposhow 2016.

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Carolina Sepúlveda

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